A Jewish judge has ruled that the public cannot hear about the severity of the crimes committed by a Jewish people-trafficker, Ghislaine Maxwell.

Why? Because, telling the truth about Jews is strictly forbidden -— it is anti-Semitism!

This truth and reality about their sleaziness and incessant evil against all gentiles will create a backlash and may result in another expulsion, maybe? Hopefully!

Ironically, Jews rely on antisemitism to keep Jews from mixing with the goyim, so this is a bit odd, yet not beyond comprehension. You see, manufactured antisemitism is their modus operandi, but when “antisemitism” (truth, facts and reality) is derived out of the “goyim knowing”, they will not use the info to perpetuate their separatist machinations and ideology. It is too dangerous.

So, for instance, they will paint swastikas on their synagogues and blame it on “white supremacists”, pretend to be whites and create profiles on social media, saying “vile” and “hateful” things about Jews, even plant explosives and commit acts of atrocities against themselves and their people, and blame it on another group in order to fabricate the narrative and air that “other people hate us, FOR NO REASON”!

Yet, when it is discovered or exposed that, one of their own (Robert Maxwell, Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, ADL, SPLC, Johnathan Pollard) has been up to no good, they quickly hide and bury the details as much as they can. Come on, Jack! It’s Shoah business!

I am sick of their lies and deceit.

I am fed up.

I am done!