In DC this week, a black was ranting and filming the cops, and asked them: “are you gonna kill me like Ma’Khia [sic] Bryant? Da fuq.”

A mulatto cop quickly retorted: “are you gonna stab somebody like her?”


The black snapped back: “No.”

Then he figured out that wasn’t the right answer, adding: “But she called yall fo’ help. The fug is you talkin’ bout. Get your goofy ass, and you just said that on camera, this shit goin’ viral.”

He was right.

Though I’m not sure it went viral in the way he intended. Not a good look for the blacks.

Whatever – I’ve got no love for the DC cops after the stab in the back on January 6th.

That was a very EPIC quip.

It’s really, really something that they’re doing this woman who was in the middle of stabbing someone, like George Floyd. Well, it hasn’t gotten full Floyd, and it probably won’t – it’s just a place holder until they find something better.

This narrative is really and truly something.

They keep saying “it was children having a knife fight.”

Firstly, blacks are… I won’t say it. In addition a black female is just a double scoop of what I won’t say and continuing to use the world “child” is just goofy. They’re giving her the Trayvon Martin treatment, with old photos.

Who is holding that dishonestly-presented poster? Who would do something like this?

Of course. Der Ewige Cunt. The white cunt female — the most destructive force on the planet!

We’ve all seen this bitch’s big ass. She’s almost as big as that car.

Secondly, a “knife fight” doesn’t describe what was happening.

This wasn’t some West Side Story type shit.

That bitch was getting stabbed, and she was probably going to get stabbed more than once.

The other thing: you know if this cop wouldn’t have shot, they would have said “oh, he let her die.”

This is just almost too much. Are they calling for legalizing stabbings?

What is actually going on?

Some guy at a press conference asked the Columbus Police Chief if he could have shot her in the arm. The implication was that he should have shot the knife out of her hand.

“Why didn’t he use VATS?”

If there is room for controversy around a woman being shot while on video in the middle of an attempted murder, then they’re going to find something slightly less heinous than this in the next week or so, and roll big on it. Mark my words, and white women will be there to cunt the whole thing up.

I heard someone say that they don’t think they’ll go as big with the riots this summer as last summer, because last summer they were going after Trump. Well, the riots were the reason Trump won by such a large margin! The riots weren’t about Trump.

I will say this: whatever the scale of the city riots and lootings, the violence is going to be much more egregious, and it is going to be targeted at the suburbs and other white residential areas. That’s what they want now – they want to hit white people where they live, instead of burning down their own neighborhoods. Get ready for warfare, white man. Get ready! Shoot to kill and stand your fucking ground! Slap that white bitch if she steps out of line and tries to play against you. Tie her stupid ass up if you have to.

You’ve seen them loot entire malls. Malls have higher security than your house and your wife has jewelry, you’ve got TVs and cellphones, they might loot your refrigerator and washing machine. These are sick, beast-like savages — they lack impulse control and humanity.

They’ve already done the whole statue thing, and I don’t think there are any statues left. We might see them pulling down remaining statues of Washington and Lincoln, and they’re talking about wanting to dynamite Mount Rushmore. I can’t imagine Joe Biden refusing to sign a “dynamite Rushmore” executive order.

They’re gonna go big. The Jewish media is riling them up, the Jewish controlled government is riling them up. Right now, the biggest triumph of the BLM movement has been drastically increasing the black-on-black murder rate. That was not the end goal.