They are giving pregnant women the supposed “coronavirus vaccine,” but the right-wingers still allowed on Twitter are only capable of doing a “does not compute” on the tranny language used.

I don’t really understand where these people have been for the last half decade. “Pregnant people” is not new language – and yet they seem shocked by it.

Although it wasn’t in relation to the vaccine, at the same time as people were discussing the vaccine, even George Galloway, the Zionist shill, appeared shocked by this same tranny nonsense we’ve been hearing since at least 2015.

It seems to me that injecting pregnant women with this experimental gene therapy procedure should be a much more concerning issue than whether or not the sickening government acknowledges the existence of “trans-men.”

We have no idea what this is going to do to pregnant women, though there sure are a lot of reports of spontaneous abortions.

The fact-checkers are admitting that the VAERS system is reporting these events, but says it doesn’t mean anything.

I just cannot even begin to imagine a literally pregnant woman going in to get this injection. Conversely, having lived in America for very many years, I can very easily imagine the term “pregnant people.”

People are getting outraged about the wrong outrage.

Jewish publications for people with slightly higher IQs than the average moron on the street – such as the New Yorker – are acknowledging that this is a seriously bizarre thing. They’re also not doing some stupid tranny word game on you, and just saying “women.”

Most people are actually too stupid to even ask questions about this vaccine. So on CNN, they just say “shut up and take it, you stupid bitch, or tranny or whatever you are – take the damn shot!” But the New Yorker presents it as a “dilemma,” admitting – as people with higher IQs will already be aware – that this is Russian roulette, and include a crude, cruel watercolor painting.