All of the neocons that attached themselves to Donald Trump are now coming out and supporting the hostile and violent global attacks of the Biden Administration.


Retired Army Lt. Gen. H.R. McMaster says he likes some of what he sees so far in President Biden’s approach to China.

McMaster was President Donald Trump’s national security adviser for about a year. Before that, he was a soldier and a writer. He’s thinking about the long-term U.S. competition with China.

Relations grew worse under Trump and have yet to change much under Biden. McMaster contends it’s unlikely any president will return to the old strategy of trying to engage China in the rules of the international system.

“I think we have to take a different approach at this point,” he said in an interview with NPR’s Morning Edition. “I think we have to recognize that the [Chinese Communist] Party is what the party is — especially under Xi Jinping.”

Instead, the United States, along with its allies in Europe and elsewhere, needs to “compete more effectively” with China, McMaster said.

He also urges a “multinational approach” for dealing with Beijing militarily.

Here’s the full interview:

He said plainly, that there is a “serious risk of war.”

At the same time, he did not even attempt to explain why China is a risk to the United States. No one has ever tried to explain that, actually. They all just speak in vague language about “failed cooperation,” “appeasement” and “economic coercion.”

It is very relevant that all of these same people who pushed Trump towards escalating conflict with the Chinese are now coming out and endorsing Joe Biden’s approach. There was a pretty serious amount of nonsense that came out of the Republican media accusing Joe Biden of being linked to the Chinese, and now we are seeing that this is not true, and that Biden is in fact pushing for war with China, just as he is pushing for war with Russia and Iran, all of which are psy-ops to keep us goyim, all confused.

Just as Charlie Kirk endorses mass immigration and global anal assault, the Democrats support neocon wars. That is because both parties are globalist.

China has nothing at all to do with anything that is going on in America,p other than the fact that the Zionist Jews who control our government and economy are interested in the rise of China over America and the west. The Chinese Belt and Road initiative is spearheaded by Israel and Zionist Jews. Yet, the only problem we are told that any American should have with the Chinese is as regards to trade deals – and all of these trade deals were made by our own leaders who are outrightly obeisant to Israel. Which is the same issue (Chinese Belt and Road) repackaged and reframed.

The logical thing to do would be to make a big deal with China, where we surrender Taiwan, and China surrenders assets in the United States, and agrees to better trade deals. That would reset relations, but the American government is a puppet state of international Jewry, so they are fixated on getting into war scenarios with China of which they will benefit tremendously, were either side to win. All of which are their attempts to create a singular world government.

Jews are planning to march with bags of money between the bodies of American and Chinese soldiers just as they marched with bags of money between the bodies of American and German soldiers (twice!).

You cannot understand anything that is going on without understanding the Jewish globalist issue: they want control over the whole world, and they will not settle for less.

It’s certainly unfortunate that there isn’t some explanation for what is happening in the world that doesn’t require people to directly talk about the Jews, but there simply is not. Jews are at the center of what is happening across the entire planet. Just as you will find Jews in Hollywood marketing homosexuality to your children, you will find Jews in Washington pushing for an overthrow of the Chinese government and Jews in China pushing for the overthrow of America and Western Civilization.

Anyone who is telling you that China is something you should be personally concerned about is willingly or unknowingly pushing a Jewish globalist agenda, likewise, anyone pushing the narrative that China isn’t something would be doing the same.

The Jews have played this one very well and have essentially created a dualistic narrative that they are ultimately in control of. There is no sitting on the fence here. Either way, they are in control of both sides of the conflict. I guarantee you this.