After the Specular Effect published a piece on Sunday speculating that the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine had almost certainly played a role in the death of 42-year-old internet scientist Dan Kaminsky, the media responded.

Because there is some kind of general blackout on Specular Effect in the media, as a result of some very poor coverage decisions made by that selfsame media years ago, these outlets are simply referring to this publication as an amorphous “troll,” and claiming that I am suggesting that Kaminsky died from the vaccine as some kind of sick joke.

Both Heavy and the Daily Beast have printed these articles attacking me without naming me, which is very strange to see. Now other outlets are following these, claiming that there is some kind of anti-vaccine conspiracy happening here.

I want to be very clear that I am not joking and I have no desire to cause any emotional distress to this man’s family. I do understand that causing stress to the family is unavoidable, and I truly do regret that.

However, as I explained Sunday: This man was young and seemingly healthy. He got his second shot on April 12, he stopped tweeting on April 16, then sometime before April 24, he was dead. Claiming matter of factly that the vaccine played zero role in his death, without having any other knowledge of the situation, is simply nuts.

It is logical that if Dan got the vaccine, and supported the vaccine, that his family likely also did. So, I am able to understand that they would have a hard time dealing with this, but this is bigger than Dan Kaminsky, or his family. The government and media are demanding that everyone in the country – everyone on earth, in fact – take this vaccine. We deserve to know what is going on here.

After my article was published, a member of Kaminsky’s family, who had not released a cause of death, stated that he died from complications related to diabetes, specifically diabetic ketoacidosis. His niece, Sarah Brie, posted a message to Twitter.

Clearly prompted by someone, the niece went on to disavow “conspiracy theories” that his death was related to the vaccine.

As I said on Sunday: the solution to this issue of “conspiracy theories” is transparency, but as is the case with everything involving this coronavirus hysteria, both the media and the government have flatly refused to entertain any request for transparency, and have instead simply insulted and demeaned anyone who asks for it.

Alex Berenson, who is one of about 7 honest people left on the planet, pointed out that ketoacidosis has been linked to mRNA vaccines in multiple reports in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database.

Of course, the media can simply claim – as they have repeatedly – that anything entered into the VAERS system is part of an anti-vaxxer conspiracy. This is a self-reporting system. There is no official system of records being kept, aside from this reporting system.

It is absolutely outrageous that these vaccines skipped virtually all trials, and that now both media and government are refusing to keep records of people who die after having received one or more of the shots.

At the same time as they are refusing to keep any kind of record of deaths or bad reactions, aside from the absurd VAERS system, various governments have also, at various times, pulled both the AstraZeneca and the Johnson & Johnson vaccines – because of side effects that included death.

Both things cannot be true at the same time:

  • Either it is impossible for any of these experimental medical treatments to kill anyone, due to them being uniquely safe in some way that no medication in history has ever been, and therefore there is no reason to keep any record at all of potential side effects, or
  • There have already been severe enough side effects that specific shots have been pulled from multiple markets, in which case both the government and the media have a duty to keep track of what is going on with these shots.

I am being called a conspiracy theorist; it is also being suggested that I am purposefully attempting to torment the family of a man I had the greatest respect for after his death.

Regardless of any insults, accusations, insinuations or conspiracy theories lodged at me, the question hangs in the air: why is there no official dataset on the side effects of these vaccines? How is it possible that they are openly refusing to keep records? Moreover, how can they expect people to trust them, when they are openly, boldly refusing to record data about these drugs?

If it were not for the “emergency use” label on these vaccines, they would not have been made available for probably ten years. During that period, they would have been doing various levels of testing, which would involve extensive record-keeping of literally anything that happens to a person after they receive the shot. Now, the entire population is the test group as I predicted, but they are refusing to keep any record of what is happening to people. If someone dies days after receiving the vaccine, instead of keeping that record and investigating it, they claim without evidence that it is impossible that any relationship between the two events exists.

Regardless of anything that I say or do not say, what is happening here with the rollout of these vaccines and the lack of any database collecting information on potential side effects is completely outside of anything that has ever happened in medicine ever, before.

I cannot conceive of any reason that they would refuse to keep meticulous official records on the side effects of these shots other than that they know – or at least suspect – that there are bad side effects and they do not want the public to have access to that information. Maybe there is some other reason they would purposefully refuse to compile data, but if such a reason does exist, it must be noted that the media has chosen to withhold that reason, and instead has accused me of being a conspiracy theorist and of purposefully and maliciously inflicting pain on innocent people.

This is disgusting and childish behavior by the media.

If the data were available, then there would be no room for conspiracy theories or accusations of conspiracy theories, but the government and the media have both chosen not to record this data.

You media people are all reading this, so why don’t you just answer the simple question: why is it that neither the government, nor you, the media, are keeping track of the side effects of these shots?