Even when you are a 7 and marry a 2, you can’t guarantee she won’t divorce you and then kill you and your children.

This new order of sexual relations is not a good system.

New York Post:

A Los Angeles mother admitted to drowning her three young children — “softly” and “apologizing the whole time” — in order to keep them away from their allegedly abusive father.

Liliana Carrillo — the “sole suspect” in the gruesome slayings, according to Los Angeles police — confessed in a jailhouse interview to killing 3-year-old Joanna Denton Carrillo, 2-year-old Terry and 6-month-old Sierra amid a bitter custody battle with her estranged husband, Erik Denton, KGET-TV reported.

In a nearly 30-minute conversation at the Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility in Kern County, Carrillo flatly admitted to killing the couple’s three children, who were found dead in a Los Angeles apartment Saturday, to “protect” them from being abused.

“I drowned them,” Carrillo told reporter Eytan Wallace. “I did it as softly … I don’t know how to explain it, but, um, I hugged them and I kissed them and I was apologizing the whole time. I love my kids.”

An emotional Carrillo, 30, said she didn’t want the couple’s young kids to be “further abused,” alleging Denton was involved in human trafficking. She had also accused him of participating in a pedophile ring and allowing someone to molest one of their daughters, according to Denton and court records cited by the Los Angeles Times.


She killed her kids because of… QAnon! The father was a deep state pedophile trafficker!

The paranoid state is predictable, actually.

There’s no way this sort of thing won’t happen, given the current state of things.

“I loved my kids,” an emotional Carrillo continued. “Like I said, I wish that this didn’t have to be the case, but I wasn’t going to allow … I promised to protect them.”

Denton had previously alerted child welfare officials in two California counties that Carrillo had become “extremely paranoid” before the slayings, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Denton said Carrillo claimed she was “solely responsible” for the COVID-19 pandemic and that he had allowed someone to molest one of their daughters, prompting an officer to go to the home, but no arrests were made.


Coronavirus, pedophilia and child trafficking – this is the sort of thing that the media is doing to people now. To involve this “pedophile ring” stuff shows that it’s not just the mainstream media, but also the “alternative” and conspiracy media.

The mainstream media ramps up the mass paranoia and confusion, then they pass people off to these QAnon kooks, who spin people into a frenzy.

Before someone says “maybe she was telling the truth” – she wasn’t telling the truth. The father is a normal white guy who married a light-skinned Mexican, because he thought they were more “family oriented” (which is technically true). This guy is not involved in a deep state pedophile ring.

She created that story in her brain as she lost touch with reality as a result of life pressures.

Of course, we could comment on the fact that this is a woman blaming her husband for her own decision to murder her kids, but I think at this point, the reader sort of understands this: anything that any woman does will always be someone else’s fault, no matter what.

You can watch the interview, and see that she genuinely believes what she’s saying.

EXCLUSIVE: Los Angeles woman admits to killing her three children in jailhouse interview

She’s not “lying.” She really doesn’t believe that it was her fault she murdered these children. Women, as I’ve explained many times, do not have the ability to process the concept that they could have done something wrong. In their heads, everything that happens to them is somehow someone else’s fault.

No one has ever seen a woman take responsibility for her actions, because it hasn’t happened. It hasn’t happened because they are biologically incapable of processing guilt.

The bigger issue is: would this have happened if it were not for the current social landscape created by the paranoia of the virus society?

Certainly, that question can’t be answered as an absolute – maybe it would have happened regardless, but I doubt it. This social collapse, the paranoia, the general hysteria – this is causing people to lose their minds.

It’s taking longer than I expected it to take, frankly, which either says something about the strength of the human spirit or the power of psychiatric drugs, or both, but it was clear from the outset that this new society was going to drive people off the edge.

Obviously, this child-killing Mexican woman was probably closer to the edge than most people before the virus regime was implemented, but everyone has a breaking point, and everyone has been moved closer to that breaking point by the virus regime.

You can imagine if ten people were forced to hold on to a metal bar, dangling over a pit filled with venomous snakes. Some people would lose their grip sooner than others, based on the strength of their grip, but eventually, everyone would end up falling into the snake pit, because no one can maintain grip indefinitely – even if they’re allowed to switch hands.

As I’ve written before, the government appears to be trying to hold people right at the edge of sanity, and not push them over.

They basically want to hold people in the red, without allowing too many of them to lose it.

The government presumably does not want endless mass shootings and child murders, because that could easily spin out in some totally different direction. They want to have the finger on the pulse, and keep you on the edge.

They have all of these computer models to measure people’s health, and they have things they can do to mitigate mental collapse.

Some people are always going to completely lose it, though.

The Mexican Wife Plan

This guy isn’t the only guy who thought “well, if the woman is 80% white, then my kids will be at least 90% white.”

I don’t think this is a good plan. Without even coming from some hardcore Aryanist position, it isn’t a good plan because it doesn’t really seem to work. A Mexican woman in America – particularly a lighter-skinned one – is going to be basically as bad as any white woman.

Look at AOC (who is probably about as white as this guy’s wife) – can you distinguish, in her behavior, anything different from a pure white woman? The “family-oriented” thing is a part of Mexican culture. The more white a Mexican is, the more likely she is to completely break with Mexican culture when she’s in a white country.

Yes, this guy’s kids look pretty much white, but… not anymore, because their Mexican mother killed them all, and they’re now looking blue-skinned, on ice in some morgue.

I don’t know what the plan for zoomer/millennial reproduction is, other than to hold out for social collapse, or just take your chances. If the chances are better with a whiteish Mexican woman, I haven’t seen that data.

The divorce rate is actually higher among Mexicans.

Mexicans were typically marked as “white” in racial demographics up until more recently, so we don’t have very good information on white-Mexican relationships, but every type of interracial relationship other than WMBF has a higher divorce rate than WMWF, according to a chart I remember checking the data on years ago.

If there’s a higher divorce rate among WMAF, then there is definitely a higher divorce rate among WMLF. The 4% among WMAF could be the result of Filipinas marrying old men and then leaving them as soon as they get residency, and probably is due to that, given that anecdotally, WMAF couples where there isn’t a 40+ year age gap seem to do pretty well. They definitely make more money.

Yet, they don’t do significantly better. Even if you factor in for the boomer mail-order bride abandonments, you’re still not going to be able to increase your chances with an Asian over a white woman by more than 10%, which is a percentage chance you can more than compensate for by simply choosing a younger, lower SMV white woman.

It’s a mess, frankly.