Take a look at this:

This is a video that is circulating on Telegram in most, if not all White EthnoNat groups.

Please, tell me that you see the foolishness and sheer absurdity abound in tagging this post as, “White Power”.

This is no different to nig nogs who succeed in something that is considered “predominantly white”; thinking they’ve accomplished something great.

It is truly pathetic and only serves to make white males look desperate and utterly defeated, that they will clutch at anything bearing the semblance of victory over their current status quo.

They are championing these small, insignificant “victories”, while they allow other more meaningful enterprises — the legacies of those who came before them — slip away in abject powerlessness and defeat.

As I’ve mentioned before, these White Nationalists, particularly WigNats, are cerebral insufficients. They are on a retarded, nig nog-level of stupidity and are a destructive element in the cause for white awareness.

Valorizing minutia as seen in the video above, is no different to a meaningless “girl power” fanfare, the likes of which can be seen everywhere on social media.

I’ve said it many times before and I’ll continue to say it: most of these White Nationalists are feminized and they are totally clueless to how much they emulate female thinking and behavior.

They feel a sense of accomplishment, because they can say “nigger” and as it is in the video, because one white guy won a race.

This video meme is feel-good nonsense to keep the defeated white male from giving in to despair. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but when it is so low down on the bar of expectations and accomplishments, one has to wonder. One can only conclude that this is a display of a terrible fall from grace.

These pathetic memes, they aren’t aware, are to keep these lames from actually doing anything, because they’re hoping the other person will do something, while the other person is hoping they will do something, when the truth is, NONE OF THEM WILL DO ANYTHING! about their current situation.

The by-stander effect has already consumed their psyches and inveigled their thinking capacities with cerebral insufficience.

At this juncture, it needs to be said: as a white person — as a white male — you don’t need to adhere to and exemplify buffoonery to sell the fact that you’re based. You don’t need to call yourselves “King” (no different to We Wuz Kangz nig noggery). The following bullshit will not enhance the chances of your survival and make others like you anymore than they already dislike you, even if it’s because lies that have told about you:

Behaving like niggers — aggressing and assaulting innocent people — isn’t going to help your cause. Even the thought of this kind of behavior being accelerationist is absurd, for countless of reasons.

As an alternative, defend yourselves! This is of utmost importance and understanding what is meant by defend is just as important. Don’t go acting like a dumb ass like Sargeant Pentland — being the aggressor, then claiming to be “defending my wife and family”. Good god, these idiots are pathetic.

(WigNats are just as dumb as women).

No, don’t be the aggressor. Give the impression that you are incapable of harm and most of all, defending yourself. Then when the orcs least expect it, you let loose a rainstorm of Aryan power!

Don’t go crazy and kill the person just to prove a point. Actually, stop trying to prove a point. Be silent, but deadly. Do all you can to de-escalate a situation with these savage monkey animals, but… as we all know, there is a breaking point where you must stand up for yourself and defend yourself; let it be a sweet surprise. Be calculated and perceptive in all your encounters.

For god’s sake, don’t go seeking out conflict like a stupid nigger. Treat others as you would want to be treated until they show they aren’t worthy of your kindness, patience and respect, any longer.

Please stop this shit:

It only makes white men look weak, volatile, feminine and stupid. Like Wiggers/WigNats.

Last, but not least, stop punching down and start punching up! Listen to Duke. Listen to Collett. They get it!