When are white men going to learn?

I assume never, but it is worth asking the question to bring awareness to the “White Cunt Problem” that is the crux of all of the misery White men face.

Correction’s officer and his wife confront a mob of BLM parasites who have gathered outside their neighborhood in Stillwater Minnesota. At one point the wife yells “all you fuckin’ niggers get out of here.”

Women are dumb. Extremely fucking dumb. They are loose cannons, the weakest links and will turn on you and cause unwanted and unnecessary misery in your life.

By “defending her honor” (which is a colorful term for simping), you are only perpetuating her recklessness and stupidity.

Many WigNats see this as “White Power”, because the stupid cunt said, “niggers”. They rally around and share this video on Telegram and other social media platforms, because they see this as a victory and the woman a “Queen”. She showed “bravery”, in their eyes and they find solidarity with this, because they themselves are emotionally unstable and irrational, like women are. They, like that dumb cunt, cannot fathom the backlash something like this can have in today’s political climate. She is unable to assess, or comprehend the dangers she is placing her husband and her family members in.

Remember, the socially sanctioned mindset of the western TradCon mangina is to “defend her honor” (14 Words), so when and if something were to occur, where this dumb cunt gets popped in the mouth, or hit with an object for being a dumb mouthy, mindless cunt, the husband then has to intervene on the dumb cunt’s behalf.

You heard him: “you touch my wife, I’ll kick your ass!”, yet this cunt is right in the middle of everything, antagonizing. She is literally baiting, so when and if something does happen, her husband and by proxy, the police officers around, will intervene on her behalf.


This is why Pentland got arrested. He was too stupid to comprehend what I’m saying here, and had he read or heard me saying these things, he would resort to the low-hanging fruit insults and explanations as to why I would suggest such things. He would rather go to jail or be killed (a disposable male), because somehow it’ll make him more of a man were he to.

Will you men ever fucking learn???

Your main issue ISN’T JEWS! IT IS THE ORIGINAL JEW! THE CUNT LAYING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU and your gynocentric outlook on your existence.

WigNats are so incredibly dumb, that they berate others as being “optics fags”, then promote finding a nice, beautiful Aryan woman to have five or seven kids with, to save the white race, then turn around and do the stupidest of fucking things that would jeopardize that vision. They and men like them, have given the white cunt the rope to hang the entire white race with. They fail to comprehend that she doesn’t just represent herself and him, but the entire zeitgeist of white culture and identity — White Survival.

White man, had you that cunt in her place, none of this would occur. The Jew would be powerless! Why do you think the Jew is pitting you against Muslims? It is the only way they can weaken the Muslims. What has occurred instead, the Muslims have weakened YOU, because your stupid cunt is promoting the Muslim invasion of white nations and showing you the finger!

Yeah, this is the problem with Trad Cunt wives as I’ve written about before. They think because they know a little thing or two more than liberal dumb bitches, that they can be let off their leashes. This is what resulted in “Good boy” Duante’s death. It is the same female stupidity and mindlessness on display.

Both guys in these videos (Pentland too) should have grabbed that stupid bitch by the hair and dragged her dumb ass inside.

That’s not a battle lost! They will have survived to fight another day and hopefully pound into that dumb bitch’s head the stupidity of her actions.

If she does it again, I wouldn’t tell them to make face meet fist over her stupid ass, just for her to get it. Rather, I’ll tell them the truth: the juice is not worth the squeeze and they should leave her! DTB! Dump that bitch! Because she will get them killed or put in prison. Yet, they must value themselves first in order for this rationale to take hold.

The truth is, these men do not value themselves.

Instead, they give into the Feminine, because they see it as divine.

Fuck that noise!

If you guys really want to comprehend where I’m coming from with all of this, don’t hesitate to look into all of my articles concerning women.

If you don’t like them, then it’s because, like a woman, you don’t like the truth, facts or reality.

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As a final warning, here you go: