Jack Last, 27.

Which fake vaccine is the most deadly?

Well, probably it is the Indian fake vaccine. Then, we don’t actually know. The media is willing to report on deaths from the deadly AstraZeneca fake vaccine. However, we have evidence that the Pfizer fake vaccine is even deadlier than that!

If you really want to die, however, the best way is to just take them all. One of them will kill you, and they will just shoot you with as many of these as you request. However, if you do not want to die, you should not take any of these deadly fake vaccines.

Daily Mail:

A ‘fit and healthy’ engineer has tragically died just three weeks after taking the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine.

Jack Last, 27, died at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge on Tuesday, April 20, just 11 days after attending A&E because he was suffering from headaches.

The field service engineer, from Stowmarket, Suffolk, who was ‘fit as ever’, according to his family, was surprised to be offered his first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine because he did not have any underlying conditions.

Despite this, he went to an appointment at Trinity Park in Ipswich, Suffolk, on March 30 with ‘no fuss’, his sister Jasmine, 32, revealed.

He did not know why he was called forward for the jab at the age of 27, and neither did his family. MailOnline has contacted the Department of Health and Social Care for comment.

Now his devastated family want to know why he was offered the jab as they wait for the results of a post-mortem to confirm the cause of his untimely death.

Why would he be called to take the vaccine at his age?

Is the government running some kind of secret human experiment?

Why would they call a normal and healthy looking young man to get an experimental vaccine if they’re not running a secret human experiment?

Why are they just calling up random people and telling them to get a vaccine in the first place?

Jack Last with his nephew.

Jack Last flying over the Golden Gate Bridge in 2018.

What’s next?

Are they going to start calling people up and saying “you have an appointment to shoot up a random location full of people”?

Secondly: don’t trust these governments.

Even if this isn’t an experiment, and they’re just trying to kill random people for no specific reason, or because they’re Jews or satanists, one thing is clear: you cannot trust them.