A couple years back, Jacinda converted to Islam because someone shot some Moslems. Now, she’s going to do some shooting of her own – at some ornery Orientals.

World War 2 was fought by racist men led by cruel patriarchal CIS genders.

World War 3 needs a new kind of warrior: a tough bitch who’s willing to look the Chinese right in their slant eyes and spit in their stupid pan faces.

Enter Jacinda, who they call “Gook Stomper.” (Just look at her stupid cunt, face).

This week, she showed up at China’s own business summit and denounced them.

SBS News:

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said on Monday that differences between New Zealand and China are becoming harder to reconcile as Beijing’s role in the world grows and changes.

In a speech at the China Business Summit in Auckland, Ms Ardern said there are things on which China and New Zealand “do not, cannot, and will not agree“, but added these differences need not define their relationship.

“It will not have escaped the attention of anyone here that as China’s role in the world grows and changes, the differences between our systems – and the interests and values that shape those systems – are becoming harder to reconcile,” Ms Ardern said.

This is a challenge that we, and many other countries across the Indo Pacific region, but also in Europe and other regions, are also grappling with,” she added.

China urges Australian ‘troublemaker’ politicians to ‘shake off the Cold War mentality’ as tensions flare
The comments come as New Zealand faces pressure from some elements among Western allies over its reluctance to use the Five Eyes intelligence and security alliance, which includes Australia, Britain, Canada and the United States, to criticise Beijing.

Foreign Affairs Minister Nanaia Mahuta said last month she was uncomfortable expanding the role of Five Eyes.

Mahuta is also a brave warrior, like Jacinda. She has face tattoos.

Another stupid cunt

She eats gooks for breakfast.

China, New Zealand’s largest trading partner, has accused the Five Eyes of ganging up on China by issuing statements on Hong Kong and the treatment of ethnic Muslim Uihgurs in Xinjiang.

Ms Ardern said New Zealand would continue to speak about these issues individually as well as through its partners. Managing the relationship with China is not always going to be easy and “there can be no guarantees”, Ms Ardern added.

Jacinda doesn’t need a five-eyed alliance to protect victimized Antifa rioters and Islamic terrorist train bombers – she can roll in alone, and snap these gooks like twigs.

Jacinda is the perfect warrior to crush these tiny-eyed rights-violators.

Her horselike face is so long that she can meet the gaze of two Chinamen at once – which she will have to do often, seeing as how they are known to stand on one another’s shoulders.

For example, this is the Chinese diplomatic envoy to New Zealand, which Jacinda will have to bring down first:

Jacinda is a tough bitch and she don’t look kindly on human rights violators.

You violate a human right in her presence, you might just find yourself leaking.

You might find the New Zealand Navy invaded your shores – just like you invaded Hong Kong.

Jacinda might share foreign policy goals with Mike Pompeo – but she’s no slave girl.

She’s more like Asajj Ventress – but even more weird looking.

She’s a dirty rider, and when she rolls deep in the name of human rights, yellow people tend to get out of the way.

It is a blessing to have such a brave warrior on the side of democracy as we seek to start a world war with the Chinese in order to prove the truthfulness of rumors about the mistreatment of terror suspects.

The Chinese are going to learn the hard way that if there is one thing that white people won’t stand for, it is the mistreatment of Islamic victims.

These colors don’t run.

There are some differences in the anglosphere nations, but there is one thing that will always align us together against bullies like the Chinese: a belief in the greatness of Allah and Cuntery.