A momentous event took place yesterday, where America First’s very own golden boy, Nick Fuentes “debated” live on the Info Wars show. Alex Jones, naturally, was the moderator. Topic? Jews/Israel.

Fuentes, of course, won the debate as result of being on the side of the winning argument — Israel/Jews are a global problem and are not just terrorizing the Palestinians, but us Americans, too, right here in the vassal state of America. His opponent, Robert Barnes — a typical Shabbos Noahide goy (I do suspect him to be a Jew) — shilled for Israelis and pretty much refused to criticize Israel. Mind you, this Barnes fellow is Alex’s lawyer and Alex himself is a Noahide dumb ass. Always blaming the “Chi-coms” when it is in fact Israel who is behind the actions of China. Always mentioning “the globalists” when the globalist are elite and Zionist Jews. Suffice it to say, Barnes lost the debate by a very, and I mean very large margin. Yet, that is because Nick had the right argument on his side. I’ll explain later.

Very non-Christian-like. Yet, he wants to draw concern and awareness for what Israel does to America.

On a scale of 0 – 10, I rate Fuentes’ performance (oh boy was it a performance) a 7. He didn’t go hard as needed. Well, simply put, he didn’t do what I, Adam Green or you people out there who understand the JQ, would have gone. There was no mention of “The Dancing Israelis”, no mention of the sinking of the USS Liberty and no mention of the Haavara Agreement (Transfer Agreement) (callers mentioned these after the debate).

Fuentes was milquetoast at best, nonetheless, he did quite a satisfactory job. I say this, because the callers during Owen Shroyers segment, did much, much better than Fuentes did.

You see, folks like Nick Fuentes are still caught up in the absurd, Left vs. Right, Trump vs. Biden, “Stop the Steal” bullshit. They are yet to or refuse to see that all of this nonsense is a game. A game to keep the goyim dumb, senseless, clueless and guessing. All the while they continue to do as they please.

Another suspicion of mine is that Nick Fuentes knows. No, not “knows” as in “the goyim knows!”, but as in he is fully aware that the political tug o’ war that he has managed to weave into his America First message, is bullshit, yet many will follow him and heed the message despite it being bullshit, because it is another psyop. Well orchestrated!

Why is it bullshit? Well, as mentioned just now, it is woven out of one of the greatest psyops used against the goyim — politics. The whole Democrat vs. Republican is a psyop! One designed to keep us blaming one side for what the other has and hasn’t done, yet they both are two sides of the same coin. Controlled by Jews and used to conceal what Jews are in fact doing. Another psyop attached to the AF psyop that is worth mentioning is, Christianity. Good luck getting Judeo Christian nut jobs to tag along. Yet, that might be the objective.

You can’t discuss Jewish Supremacy without acknowledging the desires of Christian and Islamic Supremacy. STOP THE BULLSHIT!

Nick not going hard was only to give the illusion of “discussing the issues” of Zionism and Jewish Supremacy. It is what his handlers required of him. Don’t get mad at me for thinking and saying that he’s controlled opposition. When you hang out with disgusting Jews like Laura Loomer and others, you kind of make it easy for anyone to go there.

So, if you give legitimacy to “this” (the US military aid to Israel or “What would the world look like if Israel didn’t exist) it allows for us to ignore the “that” — more important things and hard hitting talking points. It creates the illusion of the “this” as being more salient than the “that” — (Jews did 9/11, Jews dominate the media, Jews sunk the USS Liberty, Jews hate whites and want to destroy whites).

He harped on bullshit far right talking points. Essentially, giving acknowledgement to information that is widespread. There is a tactic in this approach. Give a little. Just enough, to rope in the people this narrative attracts. To keep them focused on these talking points, like a dog with a bone.


In other words, Jews get to control the conversation about the extent of Jewish Supremacy. This is why during the debate, Alex mentions the Kallergi Plan in a, “I didn’t know, until someone told me about this”, manner.

Alex and Barnes’, and sometimes Nick’s neutrality, is tantamount to not wanting to criticize Israel, because they support Israel and they do so, because they are funded and supported by Jews. Claiming neutrality here without criticizing Israel or even “criticizing both sides equally”, is feminine and milquetoast. They all do this in the debate. This is not an issue where one can sit on the fence when the real aggressor and problem is very clear and has been for a millenia and more.

(Never forget what Nick Fuentes actually believes. He doesn’t care that the US kills people and destroys culture on behalf of Jews/Israel. All he cares about is money and is committed to duping as many as possible. That’s why he keeps his Trumpanzee shenanigans and talking points in everything he discusses (even though Trump got his ass banned from flying) and hangs out with Laura Loomer (hyper zionist jew) and Michelle Malkin (who is married to a Jew).

It is important to understand that the debate was a very massive psyop orchestrated to absorb the growth of Fuentes (a tactic the Jews have done for decades with print and broadcast media) by having him on a “debate” to voice his opinions on Jews/Israel; have Alex Jones use some of the same rhetoric (to give the illusion of being in atonement with the other goyim to rope them in), but not too much, then have the callers do the same. Use “The Goyim Know!” against the goyim and for the sake of stirring up antisemitism to further their causes and agendas. Jews need antisemitism.

Next, you’ll see violence against Jews or some random crime labeled as “anti-Semitic” and Fuentes will be blamed for stirring it up. Then America First will be dissolved, because “a white supremicist listened to Nick Fuentes’ anti-Semitic remarks.

This is just the continuation of the end for America First and Nick Fuentes; the round of shots to make sure its dead.

Watch the debate here: