At the beginning of the virus hoax last year, I discussed with several specific people I know personally, about masks. Now these folks are doctors and medical professionals who are supposedly learned, who were adamant about the virus being a huge deal, adding to the hysteria and insisting that everyone wears a mask.

Naturally, I was against it, because all the science pertaining to not just the virus being a hoax, but to mask wearing, showing that it did fuck all and all that was going on was just a giant power grab staged by multiple governments around the globe.

Don’t believe me? Well, you’re just another blithering idiot, because the ruler of the known universe, arbiter of truth and reality — science god — Anthony Fauci, himself admitted in leaked emails, that masks don’t work nor do anything to stop the spread of the fake virus/flu rebranded.

Yeah! All the dumb asses out there can go fuck themselves, because I and many others told them so! These morons acquiesced to the bullshit hysteria and lies perpetuated in the media and forced and shamed others who refused to give in to the nonsense. They insulted us and labeled us “conspiracy theorists” and for over a year we were subjected to a barrage of insanity not even the best Twilight Zone episode can compare to.

This info is coming from a collection of Anthony Fauci’s emails that were released this week after a Freedom of Information Act request from BuzzFeed. There is nothing really of much importance in the emails, and it is clearly intended to be some kind of distraction. Nonetheless, for the morons who told me that Fauci is a great man and great professional scientist and they respect his expertise… blah blah blah…I told you so.

“Maybe he’s wondering why you would give a man a harmless virus before injecting him with a deadly vaccine?”

Economies around the world are in shambles. Families and friendships destroyed. People lives ruined by mask police idiots and the list of atrocities, because of these idiots goes on and on and on.

You still believe in governement “scientists” and “officials”? These people are bought and paid for. They’re on the take! Their roles and objectives are to spread lies and disinformation in order to get us to conform to government and corporate overreach and tyranny.

Fauci even admitted in a live televised interview that masks do not work. He then, the following week, back pedaled and adopted the new narrative handed down to him by his overlords.

What do you think is going on with the vax? The same disinformation and lies! Do you trust these people; that this halo shot is actually good for you and all of us? Think again.

The Spike Protein is a Toxin

I received a private message from a reader:

My friend and husband took the jab, against my recommendation and evidence I sent to her.

Her husband died 2 weeks after the jab.

Am going to the funeral this Saturday 😪

This is terrible! Yet, we all warned these people.

…and I’m warning all of you again.

VAERS is underreported. It is a lot worse than the media lets on.

The virus is a hoax, mask wearing is a hoax and the vax is a death sentence.

We must never forget who is behind all this.

Tikun Olam! They are the light of the world and are seeking to eradicate us Qliphoth. They are at the forefront of this planetary hoax and disaster.

Whatever you do, DO NOT TAKE THE VACCINE!

If Fauci can lie about masks and HIV, trust me when I tell you, he is lying about all of this and the Jewish media is perpetuating the lies and hysteria.

(Here is the massive Fauci Email dump. Have fun).