John McAfee was a true American original. As we are all wondering just exactly how he died, we should also take time to remember his life.

John was born in Virginia. In 1987, he founded McAfee Anti-Virus, something which became a horrible nuisance. Those of you who were alive to use the internet in the 1990s will remember it – it was very slow, and would do random updates, and it was impossible to uninstall.

In 2013, McAfee made a funny YouTube video, denouncing the software, and saying that though his name remains attached to it, he no longer has anything at all to do with it.

He sold all remaining shares in the company in 1994, and basically retired, building a yoga retreat in Colorado. However, in the financial crisis of 2008, he lost a lot of money, and for whatever very good reason, decided to become an internet celebrity.

He moved to Belize, apparently to retire. He had a pretty cool house there.

He had many fun times there with guns and really low quality prostitutes, and started an antibiotics company.

No accounting for taste and so on, but that’s a yikes from me.

Anyway, he was having fun.

However, he ended up murdering his neighbor (allegedly) and had to flee the country.

If you see the guy, you can see that he was a fag, and understand why someone would kill him.

What’s amazing is that he lived so long without someone killing him sooner. What a fag.

Then they made a documentary about him.

A couple of them.

He fled to Guatemala, but then was doxed by Jëws from Vice News, but then Guatemala ended up letting him go anyway, saying they didn’t care if he killed that guy. (No one anywhere cared about that.)

He returned to America, and met up with Alex Jones.

Here’s another fun interview from the time, where he talks about doing drugs.

That’s around the time he started getting hardcore about politics publicly, and fighting for our freedoms as Americans.

He told as much to those CNN bastards.

In 2016, he attempted to secure the presidential nomination for the Libertarian Party, but lost to that guy who didn’t know what Syria was (I forget his name).

He did not become president.

Instead, he was poisoned.

“I am more difficult to kill than anyone can possibly imagine,” he said of the poisoning incident.

It was around that time that he became a cryptocurrency genius.

He accurately predicted that Bitcoin will reach $1 million.

However, the US (Jew) government falsely accused him of selling securities, and then started a hunt for him.

He went on the run with his inexplicably black wife.

An interesting adventure ensued.

He remained one of the top crypto promoters, as is evidenced by the sheer number of these awesome CoinTelegraph art graphics of him.

He was living on a boat and showed up in Barcelona. However, for some reason he attempted to get on a plane in that city, while knowing he had a US warrant, and he was arrested.

He repeatedly claimed that he wouldn’t be extradited, then on June 23, a Spanish judge ordered that he could be extradited. Hours later, he was dead in prison.

John McAfee was a great figure, if only because he was original. If we had a million people on earth who were as open, honest and creative as John McAfee, we would not have any of these problems we have.

To be inspired by John McAfee, you don’t have to do cocaine, have sex with black women or prostitutes for that matter, or murder your neighbor. The inspirational message of John McAfee’s life is to keep it real and that means never compromising nor conceding on your values, principles and constitution as a man.