Former mayor of NYC and longtime friend and lawyer of the real and former president of what used to be the United States of America, Rudy Giuliani has been disbarred.

Yes! He is no longer allowed to practice law and the state of New York has revoked his license.

Under the current communist regime led by the demented and senile Joe Biden, it had been concluded that Rudy Giuliani’s law license has been revoked for “demonstrably false and misleading statements to courts, lawmakers and the public at large in his capacity as lawyer for former Pres. Donald J. Trump.”

Well folks, these actions by the state actually suggests that any lawyer who attempts to defend his or her client by suggesting that they did no wrong doing, can be subject to having their licenses suspended, pending being disbarred.

What’s even worse is, anyone who dares to suggest that the 2020 elections were stolen by the current administration and Donald Trump is the real president, can be arrested.


A New York appellate court Thursday barred Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and personal lawyer to former President Donald Trump, from practicing law in New York because he made false claims about the 2020 election. 

You dear not question authority! You dear not question the wrong doing of the communist elite.

Giuliani told Newsmax later Thursday night that he deserved a hearing and was being punished for representing Trump.

“We do not live in a free state,” he said in the interview. “We live in a state that’s controlled by the Democrat Party: Cuomo, de Blasio and the Democrats. We have a double standard. There’s no doubt if I was representing Hillary Clinton, I’d be their hero.”

This is it folks. We are in deep. Soon, thought crimes or perceived crimes will be punished. Currently, “guilty by association” is being penalized and this is how injustice becomes normalized into the fabric of society.

Once this is done, then it becomes our turn. The little guy is next.

Rudy Giuliani SAVED New York City and tried to save America and look at the loyalty “The Blue” has shown him since he’s been viciously persecuted by the regime. NONE. ZIP. ZADDA. NADA!

The Blue should be putting MEN ON THE LINE for this hero but they’re too busy mowing their lawns for a 2nd time in a week and thinking to themselves, “Lucky it ain’t me!”

Our heroes, like Giuliani, are going to be eviscerated by cat-lady glasses wearing judges, minority prosecutors looking for scalps, and Jewish Deep State agents. The best part is, WE WILL ALL DO NOTHING TO STOP IT.

This is where we are guys. This is where we live. JEWnited States of HERmerica. Where feminine values such as socialism and communism reign supreme; where all and every absurdity is seen and accepted as genius; where all manners of perversions are deemed to be of value and worthy of praise. Black is white, up is down and what is abnormal becomes the new normal. You have women and Feminine values to thank for all of this.

Maybe the great mass of MAGA “patriots” would rather hope & cope than actually do something that would make the world safe for families.

Maybe it’s time to get to the life boats.

The Trump Years are over. He is floundering in obscurity.

Back The Blue is over. BLM & ANTIFA won. Female dominance has taken over.

500k patriots showed up to DC on two weeks notice. Can 500k patriots be bothered to go to local freedom activism meetings? Can they be bothered to disrupt drag queen story hours? Can they protest phony real estate developments? Can they put $100k to bail funds for literally innocent patriot activists? Can they protest vaccination sites? Can they broach difficult conversations with friends & family, over and over? Can the ones with credentials run for government?

This is chaos. Yet, this is what you get.

This is what you get, when you let women run the household. This is what you get, when you let them run the HOA. This is what you get when you let them vote. This is what you get when you let them run and hold public office. This is what you get when you let women get involved in ANYTHING. Chaos and destruction.

Now that they’ve been allowed to do all these things, their sentiments, values and proclivities have poisoned literally everything in society! Women destroy society and turn EVERYTHING to shit.

This is what you get.