The title picture shows what is being searched for on the internet. Naturally, the Specular Effect shows up in the results, because we are the number one brand in honesty as it pertains to what goes on in society and life in general. Especially when it comes to women.

As I’ve written before, boys and men will come to the realization and be constantly reminded that women are indeed stupid. It is a fact of life; a fact of reality and no amounts of lies, chicanery and pretending, is going to prevent these moments of clarity from happening.

That moment when a man is in a situation or encounters a woman/ women and it suddenly hits him, like the gurgling, griping onset of diarrhea; and he realizes that women are truly fucking stupid, is inevitable. There is no escaping it.

It happens to ALL men, several times throughout their lives, because the reality is unavoidable. It happens without fail, at the age of toddlers, when the little boy has to deal with little girls his age, and his mom and other female figures in his life reassures him that little girls are special. More special than he is. It happens when he is first met with the double standards, stupidity and insanity of femininity at a very, very young and tender age.

What some boys and men do, how they respond to this recognition that plagues them constantly throughout their existence, varies, of course. Most little boys inadvertently ignore this dark, scary reality, because everything in the world is new to them at that time, and there are many more important things to discover and learn about (or so he thinks).

Grown men, on the other hand, choose to ignore the facts and reality of this realization and pretend that it isn’t so (like women) — succumbing to and perpetuating the lies pushed in the media, by governments and in society in general. The fun fact about these three institutions mentioned is, they are all gynocentric and have adopted and adhere to The Feminine — Feminine values. So, it is no surprise that most of these little boys grow into adult men, believing the nonsensical bullshit lies about women spread in the gynotopia we all live in.

(Notice that these cunts in the video list things that women are into and interested in, then claim that they are better at them. On the other hand, they know absolutely nothing about men and our interests. Pay attention guys. All the other stuff mentioned in the video by the creator is just fluff. Feminine fluff, too).

Then there are men like myself and a few others I know, who see all of it for what it is and do not care to lie to ourselves and others about the truth, facts and reality about women — women are stupid.

I can only imagine that the several hundreds of men who searched up the keywords in the picture, using their favorite search engines, were met with these same occasional situational epiphanies that all men have and were compelled to find out if they were the only ones experiencing this great awakening.

I am here to let them know that they are not and that they are not insane, crazy, losers and weirdos who hate women, because they can’t get laid. They are in good company. They are in company of ALL men throughout the history of human existence who have all come to this realization. Even the ones who choose to pretend that this reality isn’t so. They too, know it as much as we know it, that women are incompetent, solipsistic retards, who know absolutely nothing about life nor the world around them. All they do and can ever do is grift, larp, usurp, invade and consequently destroy EVERYTHING!

Yet, we do live in a gynotopia and the machinations of the gynotopia are ever present to keep us second guessing.

Take for instance, men (white men) have built western civilization. They have achieved a superlative standard of living for all, yet these fucks in the video can’t think of ONE thing men are better at?

It is because of men, we have all this great stuff and have been given a platform to pursue whatever it is we are interested in. This includes the time wasting, inconsequential, monotonous, mind-numbing retarded shit women are into.

Men made this possible. Not women.

The Feminine can only be useful and nondestructive when it is under the control and auspices of The Masculine. Outside of the jurisdictions of The Masculine, you get what we have today in all societies – chaos and destruction. Why? Simply, because women are stupid and destructive. They literally destroy everything.

Think of any hobby or pastime that you as a man is interested in. What has happened to it since it has been infiltrated by women? Yes, it has ceased to be what made it special in the first place. Why? Because it has been altered to accommodate women! and when that happens, that thing gets destroyed. This occurs, because the female infiltration is achieved through portrayal of women as victims for “being left out”. When the truth is, women just don’t know their places and won’t leave male spaces alone, because female spaces are extremely boring, mindless and stupid and stupidity breeds uncontrollably.

(It is of utmost importance to comprehend that women are ALWAYS victims of something and EVERYTHING. It is not that they truly are, but the female brain works in this manner. This includes sex. Here is the clue to figuring out this sickening fact of human existence — “How are women affected?”. This is the question and sentiment that is evoked by ALL women subconsciously and perhaps unconsciously. This is what Jews comprehend very well about the female psyche and use it in their media propaganda, continuously.

Hurricanes. “How are women affected?” Earthquakes. “How are women affected?” Domestic violence. “How are women affected?” Housing crisis. “How are women affected?” A rise in violent crimes. “How are women affected?” The debating society is having a special event. “How are women affected?” Or, how can we include them, which amounts to the exact same thing. All to invade male spaces, because female spaces are as cool and fun as watching paint dry. Women paying each other compliments incessantly about the most ridiculous things.

Look at video gaming, for instance. Playing video games is an extension of the male mind, digitized. Back in the day it was toy soldiers and superhero figurines, clashing with each other in a battle for dominance, all engineered and steered by the relentless and unfettered imaginations of little boys. That turned into board games, like Dungeons and Dragons, then that turned into video games such as The Legend of Zelda, Metal Gear, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Need For Speed (toy cars) and so on. The male boyish mind is so vast and great that I am sure I’m not even representing it well, but you guys get the idea.

Today? Well, today video games suck ass through a straw, because of all the things mentioned earlier, with the larping “gamer girl” made up bullshit infiltration. Make room for little Annie to play dress up and doll house, Billy. Which means you can’t kick the ass of the evil toy villain you have with the other toy hero you just got from the Macdonald’s Happy Meal you had the night before. That new move your toy character just developed in your little mind, will have to wait, because you have to be subjected to little girl buffoonery and bullshit. Stupidity.

Any and all objections will only serve to portray little girls and women as victims of boys and men who don’t want women in their “boys’ clubs”. Again, “How are women affected?”

Anything, and I mean just about ANYTHING women get into or that which features women, ceases to be what made it special in the first place and it is destroyed, as a result of all of this. Female Soccer and just about any female sport, except maybe tennis, Marvel comics and movies with female leading roles. Good grief, they are horrendous.

The Metroid series’, Samus Aran, is great as a female protagonist, because the female stupidity does not supercede and isn’t shoved in our faces. It is encumbered and held back. Again, femininity is only positive under the auspices of masculinity.

This is the reality that the gynotopia is hellbent on erasing from our psyche. It is why the Feminine dominated and run (by Female standards and values) governements and the media are trying so hard to push ineptitude and incompetence as acceptable. Female stupidity is run amok and treated as a virtue.

So, in conclusion, yes, women are stupid. They are retarded and the men who are finding my blog as a result of searching, “women are retarded” are accurate and not alone. Welcome to masculinity. You cannot be masculine nor claim to be without accepting or realizing this fact. So, welcome to reclaiming your manhood.