Are you sick of it yet? No, not women. Are you sick of me calling out women for the stupid, destructive cunts that they are. Oh, I know you’re not sick of women. You’re reading my articles and itching to say something to me in their defense, like the pussy-begging, lapdog, faggot mangina TradCon asshole that you are. Your ass is burning to make excuses and explain away female cuntery.

So, if you’re sick of me, then GOOD! Fuck you too, because I want you to get sick. I want you to throw up every single time I point out to you another cunt destroying society.

Here. Look. Look here:


The U.N. human rights chief on Monday called on the world to immediately dismantle systemic racism against people of African descent and “make amends” to the oppressed — including reparation payments, while groups like Black Lives Matter should receive “funding, public recognition and support.”

Michelle Bachelet claimed the dehumanisation of people on racial grounds had fed a culture of tolerance for discrimination and violence, declaring the time has come to end the practice.

The United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights set out a four-point agenda for change on racial justice and equality, and urged states to implement it without delay.

Former Chilean Socialist president Bachelet’s recommendations include reparations for historical racism, as well as state funding for groups like Black Lives Matter, as a starting point to tackle an issue she said knows no bounds or borders.

Well there you have it and I’ll say it again and again and again: women destroy society. Women destroy everything! Women are extremely dumb and are the reason our societies are hellscapes.

As you can see, they coddle and support niggers in their violent savagery. They do what you, the faggot who reads and gets angry about what I have to say about women, do — make excuses for them.

Go ahead, make some more excuses as to why women are the way they are. Go ahead and shift the blame to men and say that we men are to the cause. Just remember that what we are all witnessing, is what it would and does look like when women are in control.

Just as how this is the ideal man women would create, had they the power to do so:

Society as we live it is as a result of women in public life.

Anyway. Women know nothing. They are grifters and larpers who depend on men to spoonfeed them information and data, even though they pretend this isn’t the case. (Their pretending and wanton desire to prove this to not be the case is what is known as The Feminine Animus).

They are not political and do not process information.

It is no different with this U.N. cunt. She, like all women, especially the ones in politics today and those who hold offices of power and influence, should be home baking cookies for their kids and grandkids; preparing dinner for their husbands and planning out family events. Instead, they are out here destroying people’s lives and transferring their insanity into wider society.

It’s time to stop them. They need to be stopped. They should be making babies. If they won’t play their biological role that nature has intended for them, then we must start punching these stupid cunts in the gut, today!