White Nationalists are completely unstable and proof of this instability is seen in day to day Telegram interactions.

They’re a loud and obnoxious minority just like every other extremist group (no different to BLM, We Wuz Kangz, RadFem idiots), nonetheless they are a minority and that is why they refuse to do anything except talk, talk, talk, and when they inevitably get caught up, the vast majority of them talk, talk, talk to the feds.

They know they are significantly outnumbered and that the vast majority of them aren’t doing anything except blabbering on social media, which is exactly the kind of thing that attracts police attention. None of these people care about “saving muh white race” and all of them would sell out their own family members to enrich themselves and they know it.

Seeing a “white nationalist” genuinely care about white people and not just use identity politics for their own benefit is about as common as seeing a Black Lives Matter idiot actually care about black lives.

Then there’s the accelerationist bunch. The ones who just love mentioning “acceleration” at any given chance, because they think it makes them look cool. Here’s the deal folks. Being against acceleration and being against accelerationists are two different things.
I get acceleration, I really do. What man in is right mind wouldn’t prefer going through a Yugoslavia break-up 2.0 where things have a chance at swinging in his favor, as opposed to slowly dying away in a dystopia?

Yet, rest assured, whether or not it comes down to that will NOT be decided by broken zoomers who are just looking for an opportunity to check out and blame Jews for their problems, because they have failed at life and care not one fuck about doing anything about what the Jews are actually doing.

So, I’m not necessarily against the concept of acceleration and young white men should not succumb to some freak, twisting their arms into jeapardizing their livelihoods or putting their families at unnecessary risk.
You want to accelerate things? Figure out ways to make your enemy show their asses while drawing as little attention to yourself, as possible. Also, I promise you, the enemy is a lot closer than you think. I’ve written countless of times, candidly and openly about who the main enemy of the white race is, so no clues or breadcrumbs are needed. Just look over at that bitch next to you and say in a manly voice, “Listen you little cunt. You’ve been fucking up and your fucking up ends today!”

Yes, I know. It’s easier said than done, but not for the reasons you guys think. It is because the Jews have got white men all beat. Beaten in so many ways and like I’ve said before, white men are beaten so badly that they don’t even know that they’re beaten; they don’t even know that they’re in a fight, yet are getting kicked and punched everyday.

For all the “muh acceleration” idiots out there, here’s something to think about: every time you think about the fucked up shit the Jew is doing to you and the white race, I want you to consider why you’re thinking about what the Jews are doing to you. What should occur to you is that your preoccupation with the Jew is primarily because of YOUR SURVIVAL. Guess what? That’s exactly the Jew’s preoccupation with you, too! So, why the fuck aren’t you doing what they are doing?

How is it that the Jew has enveigled the minds of the white cunt; replaced you and is now the main voice in her head?

(I don’t believe for a minute that they have! Take Jews out of the picture and women will still be the fucked up, destructive cretinous jackasses that they are. Jews are just seizing upon the opportunities and tools that are set before them and those opportunities and tools are, the white race’s inability to foster ingroup solidarity (white evolution has given rise to individualism), white men thinking that white women or women in general) are intelligent and are capable of being responsibly autonomous, thus leading to the feminization of little boys and white men, the break up of white families, white society and subsequently the end of the white race. Lastly, female worship — the oldest religion known to humans — is still commonplace and extensively rampant among white men.

If you haven’t figured out what I’m saying yet: women (white women) are responsible for the death of the white race and white men can’t see this, because of their innate tendencies towards “goddess worship” and veneration. While female worship is common to ALL races, ethnic groups and cultures, the white race is the only one on the chopping block, because of it. (Frankly, every race and civilization is on the fringes when it comes to giving women free roam and paying obeisance to the vag). Jews are merely taking advantage of this innate flaw, which they themselves have overcome, mastered and incorporated into their identity as the main weapon for dealing with the goyim. It is about survival and they are winning!).

(I urge you readers who may doubt what I’m saying here about the Jews and may even think it is nonsense, to read the Kabbalah, read the Torah and look into their philosophy regarding Lilith and Shekinah worship. Especially the worship of the androgyne deity. They do not conceal this).

The Divine Androgyne, Baphomet

Every other race has managed to keep their cunts in check, but the white race. So, if you are about that accelerationist life, accelerate punching white women in the face when they step out of line.

When they say stupid shit that goes against the white race, like supporting BLM, abortions and African migrants, I want you to accelerate this:

…because right now you’re looking like this:

While you’re looking like this:

RIP Europe