VICE just put out a documentary about how many women are killed in Honduras.

As of 2010 in Honduras, over 90% of all murder victims are men in any given year, which is one of the highest imbalances anywhere in the world.

That’s how it’s been ever since, which is more or less how it is in almost all countries.

Yet, women are still trying to push the narrative that killing women is somehow more special than killing men. Why? Don’t you get it? Women are not supposed to die. Ever!

This is how the female mind works, as I’ve mentioned here. In everything, it is always, “How are women affected?” Despite the fact that men die more, all of it boils down to, “women are not supposed to die. Ever!”, and only men are supposed to die. This is the sick gynocentric world we live in that is conjured up by The Feminine.

This Feminine insanity is working better in Latin America than anywhere else for some reason, even though most countries there have the lowest per capita percentage of females in the total number of murder victims.

Women really are dumb.