I don’t really like discussing niggers, because it is almost a foregone conclusion that they are unnatural to Western Civilization, and… well…

Yet, every now and again I come across a video or post circulating on social media, or some news report involving nig nogs, that gives me pause and reminds me that, holy fuck, these protohuman savages walk among us.

Now, these kinds of occurrences are extremely common with nogs and the documenting of their animalistic behavior has skyrocketed on social media and the internet since the advent of these two technologies. So, it isn’t like me coming across this stuff is a once-a-while kind of thing, because it’s rare. No, it is actually because it is so common, that I have to tune it out, or… you’ll see what I mean.

That’s just the beginning. I do admit that it is extremely funny and totally weird, but when observing what is going on here, you cannot help but think, what on earth are humans doing by letting these animals out on the loose?

In other nig nog news, Memphis Police say two violent apes, Tavarus Mckinney, and a sheboon, Keonna Halliburton, are behind bars after a shooting over a spicy chicken sandwich at a local fast-food restaurant. The female was in a car and was reportedly involved in an altercation with employees over a spicy chiggun sammwich.

They’re both charged with four counts of attempted first-degree murder and four counts of employment of a firearm during the commission of a felony.

In another report:

A waitress, who was not named, attempted to stop them and followed them outside of the restaurant.

Police say the group of diners then grabbed the waitress and pulled her into their vehicle before driving away.

That waitress is utterly retarded or suicidal.

This happened in Nig Jersey. So, 5 gorillas cheated the restaurant out of a $70 bill, then commit a high level felony. It isn’t surprising nor uncommon for nig nogs to dine and ditch, but kidnapping the server who served them the food they skipped out on paying for, is a first. Even for niggers.

The cops got good photos of the chimps, and the getaway car they took off in, and probably the plate number.

I avoid public places where niggers patronize or where I see them in large numbers. To me, this is common sense. To not do so, it’s not only not common sense, but theoretically, suicidal.

More news:

Shamar Grant, 20, of Stamford, was charged with first-degree assault in connection with the June 5 attack in the parking lot of Norwalk Hospital, cops said in a Facebook post.

The victim was picking up a patient being released from the hospital — when Grant allegedly rushed him in the parking lot and stabbed him twice, Norwalk Police said.


A random guy was picking up someone who was just discharged from the hospital, when a nig nog starts stabbing him for a reason only known to the nigger’s pea brain. The stabbing victim then becomes a patient himself with serious knife wounds, probably requiring major surgery.

When the US entered the Philippines in WWII, the first thing they did when they took control of Leyte was mosquito control. These wild apes need to be rounded up and deported to Liberia, or rounded up and put in cages and not be allowed to leave.


A New York woman led state troopers on a lengthy pursuit before plunging a stolen ambulance into the Irondequoit Bay on Sunday. Authorities were able to “fish out” the suspect as well as the stolen EMS vehicle, according to reports.

Atlanta mandrill, Bryan Anthony Rhoden, was aperested on July 8th by Cobb County Police for the murder of Golf pro Gene Siller and two others (not known if humans or apes). Motive for the killings is unknown.

A heartless mugger punched an 82-year-old stranger in the head — and then ripped off the man’s cane inside a Lower East Side bodega this week, video released by police Thursday shows.

A guy can’t even get a cup of coffee without being assaulted by niggers in Nig York City. The apes are running buck wild!


A Russian tourist and her friend were violently attacked by a would-be mugger on a Manhattan sidewalk in late June, police and sources said.

The two women were randomly targeted by a male suspect as they strolled along West 15th Street near Eighth Avenue in Chelsea at about 9:30 p.m. on June 26, according to police.

Catch that nigger and send it air mail express to Putin. I hear that the Siberian Gulags in the winter will reform the nigger very quickly.

https://nypost.com/2021/07/06/russia…-nyc-sidewalk/ (with video of the attack)

The victim — who had just dropped off her son at school — was left “virtually unrecognizable” by the vicious beating, Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz said in a statement.

Williams, then 21 and homeless, dragged her to the outdoor stairwell of an apartment building near 72nd Road and Kissena Boulevard, where he tried to sexually assault her, Katz said.

This nigger should have gotten the death penalty, or at least life in Negro College, but the libtarded NYC judges gave it only 12 years. The nigger claims “Ah gets angry n’ sheeeit.” Kew Garden Hills is one of the nicest areas in Queens. I know, because in from they, but under deBlasio’s reign, niggers are often seen knuckledragging around the area to which they do not belong.

At approximately 10:20 p.m. on Monday, June 14, 2021, a 44-year-man was making a food delivery in the vicinity of East 148 Street and College Street in the Mott Haven section when he was approached by the suspect, officials said.

According to police, the suspect brandished a knife causing the victim to leave his property and flee.

You can’t have anything good with niggers around. Nothing at all. They build nothing and destroy everything.

The woman was walking on Lexington Avenue, near East 59th Street, around 5:20 p.m. when the nigger walked up and punched her in the face, police said Tuesday.

The attack knocked the woman to the ground and left her with a swollen face, as well as wrist pain, the NYPD said. She refused medical attention at the scene.

They insist on calling it a man:

This is what the ape-loving, BLM propaganda has wrought upon us all. This ape will be back on the street to commit another violent crime.

There is certainly something that can be done about Niggadry. As a matter of fact, many things can be done and they don’t need to be extreme, even though, the solution being so unpopular in today’s gynotopia, that it will certainly be viewed as extreme. That solution is: putting women back in their places in society. This means keeping them out of public life, revoke their abilities to vote and shut them out of wider society. When and if this is done, Niggadry, as a societal problem would be gone in no time at all. Niggadry as a genetic predisposition will still be there, but fettered, just like Femininity.

For those of you reading this and you cannot see the parallels or the proximal or distal causative factors between these two social issues, then it is simply because you possess an undeveloped associative horizon.

When Femininity is allowed free roam, ALL and anything that can go wrong in society, goes wrong. It is just a fact of life and a fact of reality that we are all living.