Watch and listen carefully to this dumb cunt.

Allow me to clear my throat and gather my thoughts.

*cough cough*

The Specular Effect, the number one brand in honesty, has effectively documented the stupidity of women, thoroughly, throughout many articles on this blog. Specifically, I have devoted lots of time and many words to convey to white men, how dumb and destructive the white female cunt is. That she is the main reason for the death of the white race. Yes, that cunt in particular, is your number one problem. She is your nemesis!

The white female cuntery captured in that video, is the Female Doctrine of Niceness at work. You have to please EVERYONE, because you can’t offend anyone. You have to be nice! In essence, this is why women fall for anything, because they stand for nothing. If they do, it is always mind numbing and stupid as evidenced in the video above.

Here we have another stupid white cunt, thinking it knows something about something. What always happens, as with many other white cunts, like Tomi Lahren and others, is that they stray from the talking points and narrative given to them by men, because these men also think that these women are intelligent and can be autonomous. In other words, they want to go against what all of human history has taught us — women are utterly fucking stupid.

This cunt is saying, Critical Race Theory, has nothing to do with race. I wish I had six hands to face palm with. Welcome to the Thunderdome of Stupid.

It claims CRT to be racist against every race, then admonishes whites for claiming CRT to be anti-white. Good god, women are fucking dumb.

It goes on to say that it is against blacks, because it portrays blacks as lazy and unproductive and so on. Umm. No. Blacks have done a good enough job of portraying themselves to be lazy and unproductive. Once again, here is another white cunt that is resistant to facts and reality. Another stupid bitch who cannot comprehend generalities and what’s common; unable to separate the exceptions to the rule from the commonality.

This fat monstrosity has recently been promoted by conservatives for being anti-woke and anti-Critical Race Theory. It says it’s very important NOT to refer to CRT as anti-White, because it will give rhetorical ammo to “White Supremacists.”

In other words, it’ll save the white race. How it will save the white race is what it’s concerned about. That it’ll lead to conflict and violence. Women know nothing and understand even less. This is how it’s stupid, fat, ugly ass is able to say such ridiculous things; because white men fought for it and their ancestors to survive and created a superlative standard of living for it to voice this nonsensical, contradictory v rhetoric.

So, conservatives are now doing the left’s work for them by defending Critical Race Theory from allegations of being anti-White.

These people simply have to go.

So far, the video has been totally ratio’d, and the fat cunt has this to say:

This is why women will never learn anything. There can never be a learning curve for them, because as I’ve mentioned ad nauseum, women do not care about anything outside of their stupid emotions and cannot care about anything outside of themselves. They are dumb, solipsistic and cannot process information. They think their emotions are facts and reflect reality.

It is ready and willing to block those who disagree with it. It is so strong and bold for posting this video and blocking those who disagree with it. Again, herein lies the parallel I’ve been demonstrating with regards to Femininity and Tyranny. The Feminine and Totalitarianism. Socialism. Communism. All of our social problems stem from the pervasive and destructive nature of Femininity.

This, white man, is your number one enemy! The Jew understands this very well and will take every single opportunity to use it against you.

Your only solution is to start beating these cunts back into their place. When they step out of line and say stupid shit, punch them in the face. Punch them in the gut and tell them to get the fuck back in the kitchen and shut the fuck up. If you don’t start now… well you’re already past the event horizon of the drainage hole you’re spiraling down, so jump kicking cunts back into their cages may be your last hope for survival.