Here is a policeman in uniform caught looting in the”rainbow nation”, but this isn’t made up. Now you know, here are the differences.

This guy figured it out. Yet, people still trust the “gubamint”. Covid is hoax.

Harris says, taking the jab is “biblical.” I agree, it’s the mark of the beast. Covid is still a hoax, so is taking the vax.

I’m just building on my last article, to drive the point home.

That’s the former CIA agent, John Stockwell, talking about his operations in Angola and Cuba. This is how they create civil unrest and pit us all against each other. They perpetuate fear and division, because it is the best way to rule.

I told many people, who thought I was crazy, that Jews were behind the Chinese Belt and Road Initiative. They keep talking about, “the Chi-Coms are to blame” and “the Chi-Coms are taking over”. Uh no. Jews! Jews are to blame and Jews are taking over! They created the golem and are now ready to dump it.

This one isn’t made up. You can’t make this stuff up, but the agenda is totally made up towards demonizing white men.

So, humanity will regress and never progress to other star systems.

He said it. Not me. Niggers build nothing and destroy everything.

I chuckled.

This one isn’t made up. These mediocre men are totally fucking stupid.

Yeah, so, this…

…and this…

Oh, and equal rights demand equal lefts!

Even after all of that shit, she still resorts to proxy violence. “You don’t know to my brother is.”

Dear women,
The year is 2021, you all have advocated for and have been given equal rights since 1972. For 49 years now, you have successfully made it out of the kitchen, from raising beautiful families, into the hard, harsh real world of actual work and labor. Not even 40 hours a week, but I’ll grant that. If you as a woman have the tits to hit a man, you damn sure better have the balls to get hit back. You wanted equality?
You got it, in all shapes, forms, and sizes.

This Democrat Senator accidentally admitted millions have died from the vaccine.

Nothing to see here; still safe and effective, I see. 

In this video, a medical doctor explains blood clotting in the vaccinated. He says, ”Vaccinated people will die within 3 years.”

Eh, it’s just good to be back.