At this point, the arguments coming from the Jewish media are utterly humiliating not only to the witless goyim who believe them, but also to any right-minded person who wants to respond to them.

With total information control now coming into view as a result of massive censorship of the internet, the media is continuing to rely less on twisted arguments in support of their positions, and more on outright, bold lies.

Such it is with the attempts to explain the Rise of the Unvaxxable – those who are never getting vaxxed, no matter what the government threatens them with.

Yahoo! News:

When asked which poses a greater risk to their health, more unvaccinated Americans say the COVID-19 vaccines than say the virus itself, according to a new Yahoo News/YouGov poll — a view that contradicts all available science and data and underscores the challenges that the United States will continue to face as it struggles to stop a growing “pandemic of the unvaccinated” driven by the hyper-contagious Delta variant.

The survey of 1,715 U.S. adults, which was conducted from July 13 to 15, found that just 29 percent of unvaccinated Americans believe the virus poses a greater risk to their health than the vaccines — significantly less than the number who believe the vaccines represent the greater health risk (37 percent) or say they’re not sure (34 percent).

Those who said they believe virus is deadlier are presumably lying, because they know they are being watched by the state, who is working hand in glove with the media, and making all of these lists. In fact, most people who are unvaxxed would lie and say they’ve been vaxxed, or just hang up the phone.

Many people who got vaxxed believed the vaxx was deadlier than the virus, they are simply cowards who were willing to submit their bodies to the state in order to be given privileges by their totalitarian overlords.

The article then lists off more of the obligatory state talking points.

Over the last 18 months, COVID-19 has killed more than 4.1 million people worldwide, including more than 600,000 in the U.S. At the same time, more than 2 billion people worldwide — and more than 186 million Americans — have been at least partially vaccinated against the virus, and scientists who study data on their reported side effects continue to find that the vaccines are extraordinarily safe.

Yet 93 percent of unvaccinated U.S. adults — the equivalent of 76 million people — say they will either “never” get vaccinated (51 percent); that they will keep waiting “to see what happens to others before deciding” (20 percent); or that they’re not sure (22 percent).

With Delta rapidly becoming dominant nationwide, U.S. COVID-19 cases have surged by 140 percent over the last two weeks. Hospitalizations and deaths — both lagging indicators — are up by one-third over the same period. MissouriArkansasNevada and Florida are being hit particularly hard, with hospitalization rates soaring to 2-3 times the national average. Nearly all of the Americans who are falling ill, getting hospitalized and dying — 99 percent, according to some estimates — are unvaccinated. And more than half the U.S. population (52 percent) has yet to be fully inoculated.

That is just total bullshit.

Obviously, all of the statistics are bullshit, but here’s an article from The Guardian, June 27:

The UK has a different health system, which may be more honest. There is zero chance that 99% of deaths in America are unvaxxed, compared to 40% in the UK. The mere suggestion of that is so outrageous that it humiliates the person who is being told to believe in it, in the same way you would be humiliated if a person started smearing feces all over his own face.

If you want American numbers, here’s the CDC saying that 750 fully vaxxed Americans had died by late June “of the coronavirus.”

Here’s an article from just last week about the situation in Australia, where health officials are saying “cases among the vaccinated are rising.” It doesn’t give specific numbers.

In Israel, where virtually everyone has been vaxxed, they are basically saying the vaccine doesn’t work at all.

These are their numbers. I don’t even believe any new virus exists, and it is instead a rebranding of the flu and various other respiratory illnesses. We know they are padding the death toll with everything from heart attacks to car crashes, so all of this data is frankly meaningless.

If you want more statistics on vaxxed people supposedly dying of the virus, just look up “breakthrough infections.” That’s the term they’re using.

Basically, you now have a situation where two separate narratives are bumping together:

  • You have the “get vaxxed now, goyim dog!” narrative, which is saying that people who are not vaxxed are the main people at risk, and
  • You have the “we have to stay locked down and you have to get more vaxxes because of the deadly new variant” narrative, which is setting the stage for a whole new era of the covid hoax.

They are shilling both these narratives at the same time, and it is creating massive confusion. Basically, they’re trying to keep the “vaxx doesn’t work on new variant” narrative in the UK and other countries which are more heavily vaxxed, but there’s only one English language internet.

Basically, the media is no longer attempting to convince anyone else to get vaxxed. They must have known from the beginning that a large number of Conservatives would resist Vaxxy Joe Biden coming to them with a juice he wants to insert into their bodies. If they didn’t realize that, and thought sending the orange man out there to harangue them would cause them to get the shot, they’ve clearly given up. I think most of his supporters would hand taken the shot. They’re that stupid.

The name of the game now is to demonize the unvaxxed, and attempt to scapegoat them as responsible for all of the new measures they’re going to bring in. Liberal states are already bringing back masks – in the middle of the summer. The European situation has gotten insane with the vaxx passport being required to go virtually anywhere, and we know very well that there is a single agenda being rolled out.

They are going to roll out vaxx passports in America, under the guise of “private companies can do whatever they want to anyone.” The government will of course demand that every chain business, including Walmart and other food stores, start requiring proof of vaxx to enter, then they will claim that is the “right of a private company to choose who they do business with.”

There may well also be a full lockdown in America in the fall. Maybe, maybe not, but regardless, there will be very extreme new measures. Whatever the case, the vaxxed will not get any benefit from having been vaxxed, as they are going to be forced back into an even worse nightmare grid. The devil doesn’t keep promises.

All of that is going to be blamed on the unvaxxed, who are becoming a separate class in an apartheid type system being instituted across the planet.

As I’ve said time and again: this is good. Finally, after all of these years, a line is being drawn between “us” and “them.” Those who would hand over their own bodies to the government are of no use to us. They are people who believe completely in this system. Some of them may criticize it in some ways, but when push comes to shove, they will allow this system inside of their bodies because they believe that this will benefit them somehow.

Getting the vaxx in order to receive privileges from the government is no different than summoning up a demon to make a blood pact: whatever powers you get from the deal come at the cost of eternal suffering and ultimate doom. Hegelian dialectic. It’s almost not even metaphorical – what is this genetic cocktail, if not the modern representation of witchcraft?

The people who understand this understand it at different levels, certainly. Not all of them are as well informed as we are, but they are well-informed enough to be on our team. This is the final decision for all of mankind. Once you make the decion to be vaxxed – or to refuse despite the consequences – you’ve put yourself on a path that will have a definite outcome.

The forces of darkness are organizing against us, and we need to organize ourselves to resist. You need to get involved with other unvaxxed people – outside of these evil city centers.

This is the line upon which the ultimate battle will be fought: the vaxxed against the unvaxxed. Those who will surrender their body and soul to tyranny, and those who refuse.

If your family has gotten vaxxed, then that really sucks for you, but you have to leave them behind. They are the dead, and they need to be left to bury themselves. If you try to remain with them, understand: they will turn on you. They will turn on you. They have made a pact with stupidity, out of fear or some other vile emotion, and they will remain committed to it.

Leaving your family is certainly the most difficult situation to be in, but everyone will have trials and tribulations as we make this final stand.

You will be rewarded for whatever sacrifices you make.

The future belongs to us.