Usually it is the person who is being told, “I Told You So”, who gets fed up of being told, “I Told You So”. Now, for me, the tables have turned.

I’m getting fed up of telling people, “I Told You So”.

Uh. Fuck it! I TOLD YOU SO!

Biden-world is taking a more aggressive approach to combat vaccine “fear-mongering” by conservative forces. That includes calling on SMS carriers to mete out sanctions and censorship to text messages bearing “false messages” about the vaccine.

SMS carriers are also being urged by the Biden administration, to push text messages about the safety and goodness of the vax. They are also urging social media platforms to fact-check posts related to the covid hoax and the doom vax.

What all of this means is, the Biden administration wants that your SMS carrier (Verizon, T Mobile, Sprint and others) monitor your text messages. If you are communicating with friends and family members via text, inform them of the dangers of the vaccine and admonishing them not to take it, your SMS carrier may and can sanction you by removing the text messaging service. It also means that any information you share that has covid, covid 19, vaccination, vaccine, PCR as keywords, will be fact checked in real time!

Pegasus makes sense now? They will be spying on your text messaging, if they aren’t already. Trust me, they are already. It just cannot be used against you in a court of law…yet. This is what they are trying to get implemented.

This also means that your SMS carrier will be sending you constant notifications for you to get vaccinated.

So, it isn’t just friends and family who you cannot trust and who will be snitching on you to the state authorities, that you need to worry about. It will be your very cell phone service providers.


All of this was done in China, last year, by the way. Covid push notifications.

Do you recall, last year, Apple and Google, both pushed new software updates to phones for covid 19 contact tracing? Well, many more other sinister and invasive apps were created since then:

The brown smelly bio-matter is about to hit the spinning thing on the ceiling. Guaranteed!

In case you missed it, lord Fauci called for mandates at the local level, requiring people to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

Yeah. Things are heating up. Shit is about to get ugly and really fast.

Stop using your native text messaging apps. Ditch Signal App, too. Do not use Whatsapp. I will be writing up a piece on alternative open source software to use.

In the meantime, hang in there folks. Hang in there.