If you just sit back for a minute and ponder it, you will find that the sadistic audacity of women is the single most powerful force in all of the human realm.

These sluts will go out and shamelessly demand a right to murder children because they don’t believe they can be held accountable for their own sexual behaviors.

Sputnik News:

The Red-Green Alliance and the Social Liberal Party want the Danish state to earmark DKK 20 million ($3.2 million) over four years to help Polish women have an abortion in Denmark, Danish Radio reported.

In a cross-aisle collaboration, the proposal was backed by the liberal-conservative Venstre party, currently the largest one in opposition.

The idea behind the proposal is to alleviate Poland’s strict abortion legislation, which following a spate of tightenings only allows abortion if the pregnancy is due to incest or rape, or if the woman’s life is in danger.

“We want to give Polish women the opportunity to have an abortion in Denmark. It must be seen in the light of the terrible things that are happening in Poland. I see it as an attack on women’s very basic rights,” Morten Helveg Petersen of the Social Liberal Party said.

This is not the first time that the idea of giving Polish women the right to enter the Danish healthcare system free of charge has been floated.

“When rejected, we tried to develop a concrete model with Sex & Society,” the party’s health spokeswoman Pernille Skipper said, referring to the Danish Family Planning Organisation, which is responsible for providing sex education in the country.

If all goes as planned, the DKK 20 million will go to Sex & Society and will in collaboration with the Polish network Abortion Without Borders grant access to abortion to about 165 women per year.

So far, the proposal has sparked a pushback from the national-conservative Danish People’s Party.

“We have many tasks within our healthcare system that need more finances; we do not think this should go to the citizens of other countries,” its health spokeswoman Liselott Blixt said.

In a historic twist of irony, before 1973 when abortion was legalised in Denmark, Danish women used to travel to communist Poland to have an abortion. Now, the tide may turn.

Oh there are all kinds of turning tides – let me tell you something.

Go look at a baby some time.

Then try to wrap your head around the fact that women will murder these little guys outright and feel nothing in order that they may continue to have totally unrestrained sex with whoever they want. Try to imagine someone showing you a baby and saying “you can have a lot of really hot sex – you just have to chop this infant child into pieces first – don’t worry, we’re going to ship the chopped up body parts to a facility for experiments.”

You will never wrap your head around this, because you’re a man, and you have a soul. We men actually give a shit about shit and look out for the whole. Women only seek to fulfill their, fleeting, frivolous, vapid desires within the moment.

So, imagine that this goes to a whole other level: women are proud of the fact that they murder infants so they can have more sex with strangers.

Women are soulless, evil beasts, and they deserve to be beaten with crowbars.

I posit that femininity is ALL DARK and nothing positive can come from it if and when left up to its own devices.

Remember, no matter what anyone says, when it comes to men and women, there is no Ying and Yang and there has never been any such bullshit. What is even meant by this? Some kind of balancing? If this is the case, where can we see examples of it? You won’t find any!

What we do see, throughout human existence, is one side seeks to infiltrate and takeover and the other has to step in to dominate and maintain order and sanity. Keep their stupid asses in a cage, or else.

Once a man starts thinking this way – that there can be a balance — that both sides make up for the shortcomings of the other — while not comprehending that female nature is all about usurpation and attempts to take over, you’ll see a massive shift in him being feminine/a feminist. He may even transform right in front of you. You will understand that his masculinity has been compromised.

We must never forget that these same men are the ones who thought women were intelligent, able to function on their own and gave them rights.

Fools! Utter fools! All of them! We are all now paying the price for their simping.

Their simping and lapdogging is what has gotten us here. Disgusting.

Any man who thinks women are intelligent, or makes the NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That) argument, has a compromised masculinity.

A wise man once said:

If you understand why pizza is made round, packed into a square box, and eaten as a triangle

Then my friend, you will understand women.