The objective of The Feminine is to bring about a utopic existence.

This of course, is the farthest thing from reality and is virtually impossible to achieve.

The Feminine thinks itself to be the cure to all the world’s ills and injustices; woven into its very existence, is the power to affect positive change and change is always positive. In doing so, the meddlesome nature of The Feminine ends up creating more chaos and destruction. Bearing this in mind, something very similar is going on with War.

The Feminine insists that everyone ought to get along. Of course, this is just wishful thinking and assumes that everyone could get along; just be nice and everything will be okay. Talk to any woman and they’ll express this exact same sentiment. I’m almost certain you’ve heard it or encountered this Feminine rhetoric before. It is disgusting and retarded, for it willfully ignores the realities of life. The same is going on with militaries around the world, where women and homosexuals are now the main foci.

The Feminine has essentially infiltrated the military with the intent to stop the Military Industrial Complex, because, “men are always destroying each other and blowing everything up”. Yeah, you’ve heard this nonsense before. So, as a result of this, wars are now a thing of the past, because some topless cunt is going to bring world peace with her Femininity. This is how dumb, audacious and full of themselves, women truly are. They really believe that everything “good” comes from them and they are the answers to the world’s problems.

I’m fucking serious! War as we understand it to be, will be no more. I’m so serious about this. Nations against nations? Please. That’s over with. That’s so last century. Sounds great, right? Well, no. It isn’t. Not at all. Women are in control now. Now the war is against US!

Putting women in the military and allowing them to hold prominent positions, leads to faggots in the military. Women and faggots in the military sets the precedence and pretext for the infiltration of other societal institutions many of us may deem sacred and hold any semblance of normalcy.

I hate to repeat myself, but it is worth doing so, to make a point. Wars will no longer be one nation’s military invading another nation and facing off against the nation that’s being invaded’s military. No! War will be directed on us, the people. Our very own military will be and have already been spying on us and every single technological military development in the past twenty one years, have been made to use against us.

All of this is to keep us in line, to not rise up and fight against the insanity that is festering all around us.

At an extension, domestic militaries aren’t spying on foreign militaries and their capabilities. They’re spying on their peoples. Trying to figure out what they can sell them. Consumer goods or propaganda. Most of the time, it is both. War now means, psychological warfare to make us compliant and tolerant citizens. Compliant to and tolerant of what and for what? Well, towards The Feminine onslaught of chaos and insanity of course. Most people will never know nor comprehend this until it is upon them. Covid 19 and The Great Reset both illustrate this.

The Feminine’s preoccupation with the bizarre outlook of “being nice” is how women manipulate each other and the men in their lives, to cosign their destruction and retardation. On a larger scale, they’ve managed to accomplish this by manipulating popular opinion and have effectually destroyed world militaries by having women and faggots serve in influential positions.

Every social change going on in the world right now, is a woman’s idea of making the world a better place.

Unfortunately, women are the catalysts for social change.