Lock a man in a dark room for 4 hours, then turn the lights on for one minute, then lock him back in the darkness for another 4 hours, then turn the lights on again.

Repeat this process and every time that light comes on, expectancy and adrenaline will rush through his body.

Every time the light goes off, dejection will sweep over him.

After 2 days of this treatment, I promise you, he will say or do whatever you want in order to leave that room, because you’ve really broken his spirit.

Well, the covid hoax and lock downs work with this same principle. They prevent people from doing the things they enjoy and seeing their loved ones. Promise them it will all end soon, then lock them down again, taking away these privileges once more and soon you will have their complaints.

If you don’t believe me, then ask yourself this: how many people have you heard saying, “I only took the vaccine, because I just want things to go back to normal”?

This is how it works. They know exactly what they are doing in order to get us to comply. Only the very strong in will will not fall for their psychological and coercive methods.

Stay strong my friends! Don’t let them, nor the compliant sheep, break you!