Oy vey!

Watch this video. At least watch the beginning of it.

WATCH: Australia To Implement Radical New Lockdowns

Australia is implementing a “no regrets” policy of total lockdown, because one person supposedly died “from Covid” – he was in his eighties.

Maybe you are starting to understand this: it is all a hoax. There is no new virus. There never was a new virus. It was always just the flu – and then they would add these deaths of old people.

This is so feminine! Feminine hysteria, too lock down an entire nation, because of one death. This is how the female mind works. You see, in a woman’s mind, no one is supposed to die!

This guy was in his EIGHTIES. ONE DEATH of a man in his EIGHTIES and they are doing TOTAL LOCKDOWN.

It’s a pandemic of one!

You’ve heard of an Australian “one-man army”???

This is an Australian one-man pandemic!

I don’t even think they are trying to convince anyone anymore. The people who believe in a “pandemic” now are all just literal cult members.

Naturally, we’re finally to the point where even the dingo lab rats are protesting this insanity – and they are being met with brutal police force.

Mike from RedLetterMedia was there for some reason and they beat the shit out of him.

That’s presumably not really Mike, but it does look exactly like him, doesn’t it?

He’s against this hoax actually, in his nihilistic Gen X way, so it could conceivably actually be him.


Thousands of anti-lockdown activists marched through major Australian cities on Saturday, following an extension of Covid-19 restrictions. Multiple people were arrested and dozens charged with offenses after brawls broke out.

Protesters chanted “Freedom” as they descended on downtown Sydney without wearing masks. They blocked traffic and walked through Haymarket, a suburb that was labeled a coronavirus hotspot by New South Wales’ (NSW) top health official, Jeremy McAnulty.

NSW police declared the gathering illegal due to Covid-19 regulations that bar people from different households getting together.

Scuffles broke out after mounted police and officers on foot were deployed to disperse the crowd.

Australian media reported that some threw items at the officers and pepper spray was used against the protesters. Several demonstrators were pinned to the ground during arrests. One activist was filmed performing tricks with fire batons in front of a crowd.

This has now just become totally farcical.

It really is “the big lie.” Comparable to Christianity, Democracy, women and multiculturalism, but still…this one is huge!

No one can even comprehend how absurd it is, so they just give up on trying to process it.

Do you remember when they suspended the lockdown to allow nig nogs to riot???

Do you remember when that happened, just one year ago???

It is simply amazing that we are now in a place where the narrative is that freedom means absolutely nothing, and the only thing that matters is preventing deaths. That underlying concept is completely feminine and unworkable.

REMINDER: This is all coming back to America in the fall. You need to stop living in a fantasy and get ready for it.