It is without a doubt, that what’s going on around the world today is indeed an IQ test, of which many are failing.

Now, I am aware that I say, “I told you so”, a lot, but it’s not that I think that I am special or have some keener, more meaningful insight on things. In fact, majority of the things I discuss here on this blog, many of you already know and are aware of, but there’s something to that, though.

You readers are here simply to remind yourselves that you’re not crazy — that you are not alone in your thinking.

Many of you may have been marginalized and ostracized since the beginning of the “the virus!” pandemic hoax, due to the fact that you were able to read this one with your eyes closed. The people in your personal lives, unfortunately, may have ridiculed you for supporting Trump and not going along with the fake virus hoax, among many other things. If what I suspect is correct — that you are here to be reminded that you are not alone — then, I welcome you. You are certainly not crazy.

So, I take back my statement about me not having some sort of special insight or high power of perception. Quite frankly, I do and so do you! We need not shy away from this fact nor conceal it.

We are not failing this IQ test and we certainly aren’t conspiracy theorists and we have to accept the fact that stupid people are prone to making things worse for themselves and others and you just operate on a different wavelength that they do.

So, again, you’re in good company and it is for you the Specular Effect team writes for.

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