What are they pushing in the media, today?

Covid lies and hysteria!

They’re highlighting the natural disasters all over the world, too. This is to appeal to the irrational, illogical religious mind. To the religious mind, these occurrences are either the end of the world or some kind of punishment for not doing something that is divinely sanctioned. I think it is the latter—punishment for not taking the vaccine. The psyops are very sophisticated, but not too much for us here to handle.

Tuck “the Cuck” Carlson has caved. Another Cuckservative Repooblican giving in to the Jewish lame stream media vaccine hoax. This is going to resonate well with boomertards. They comprehend less than nothing and cannot see what this is all about. They will follow Tucker and Fox News to their graves.

I covered this ghoulish hag here in this article. Ugh! She gives me the creeps.

Did the well known “gatekeeper” Steven Crowder take the vaccine? He tweeted in favor for the vaccine and now his lung just collapsed.

Crowder was always a fucking idiot, to me, but after shilling for the doom vax, he tweeted that he suffered a collapse lung.

I choked after reading this article. It is too funny.

“Long covid”, or lung covid? I don’t know. I think this is what the UK is calling the “delta strain”.

Long covid, the delta variant, the gamma variant, anal covid, how will the world ever recover?

Here is a leaked video of Australian newspaper editor, Barclay Crawford (Jew) directing his journalists to ridicule anyone not supporting the Covid death-shot.

This one’s hilarious. Profound but hilarious.

This what happens when you forget to pay your crisis actor.

This is Prof. Dr. Christian Drosten, the inventor of the fraudulent COVID PCR-test which forms the basis for the current plandemic. His pal, Olfert Landt, most likely earned millions of euros/dollars by selling his PCR kits. We can assume that Drosten also profits from the crisis financially, as well.

In the provided video, Drosten makes two statements within a couple of days that could not be more paradoxical. Between these two statements in March 2020, the German ministry of interior wrote a panic paper to make German citizens compliant through the fear of contacting the hoax virus. This video is evidence that Drosten is part of the greater plan; most likely even since spring 2019.

Drosten is a woolly academic of the worst kind. There is no way back for him and his accomplices, which is all the more dangerous.

I am afraid that the current situation may end in bloodshed, so let’s never forget about the culprits.