If you’re like me, then you’ve probably started your morning constitution with a nice warm cup of coffee. As you sway back-and-forth in your hammock you stumble upon something like this:

Now, for those of you who think I’m just nitpicking and criticizing women “for no reason”, you are dead wrong. These types of posts are quite commonplace on social media, because women have totally infiltrated the manosphere that once was social media.

…the manosphere — men’s only spaces — as was seen in the Age of Reason and Enlightenment — the Elk and Moose lodges — was pushed to the online internet forums, and resides there today. However, it has not been insulated from The Feminine. The Feminine, by nature, is invasive and always seeks to usurp The Masculine. After all, men invent, build, create and innovate and women larp and parasitize. They always seek to carve out a piece for themselves, and in doing so, disrupt the entire natural ecosystem of what made the thing unique and special in the first place. This is the essence of The Female Animus – destruction — for whenever women get involved in anything that is intended to be male only — the workplace, military, politics, judicial system etc. — they must alter it to suit them; their emotions and frivolous desires. Watch what you say online or else!

Freedom of speech and freedom of expression in the online spaces — a place where open debate and inquiry was commonplace — becomes a case in point, where Facebook, Twitter and other Big Tech social media giants have been on a crusade to censor and silence voices and opinions they do not agree with or deem to be abhorrent. Big Tech has adopted The Feminine. The Feminine has infiltrated the the online manosphere and what is referred to as the “Golden Age of the Internet”, is now gone, forever.

Women on social media constantly clutch their pearls and gasp in outrage when they encounter unpopular opinions and perspectives. They will either block, report or tag their female cohorts (the hivemind) to shame and ridicule the users who express anything contrary to their worldview and disrupt their “safe spaces”. The free marketplace of ideas is completely lost on them, because open debate is alien to femininity and inherent to the manosphere. Censorship and censureship are the tools deferred to by tyrants. Freedom and open debate are masculine. Tyranny, and totalitarianism are Feminine.

Essentially, women have destroyed the online experience with posts like these and are constantly pushing their female bullshit. Men too, have adopted the Feminine traits in their online interactions. The Feminine came up with “Cyberbullying” and a host of other trite female concerns. Censorship is now rampant on social media and I’ll say this brazenly: any man who runs an online group or forum and censors and even bans others for their opinions, is a faggot. If you are in the business of curtailing freedom of speech and the opinions of others; you’re an effeminate, faggot piece of shit and no different to a woman and I would love to slap the piss out of you.


Anyway, the post above illustrates the stupidity of women at large. As you can see, this woman claims to be a doctor who is in the field and pursuit of curing cancer. Still, she is unable to process simple fucking information and make simple analysis. Ergo, she is unable to comprehend why she makes less than her husband.

This stupid bitch, who has chosen to air out hers and her husband’s business online, hasn’t cured cancer, yet she expects to make as much as her husband who works in a field where the results of his efforts are immediate. He’s in the sales business for fuck sake!

In other words, he’s producing results. She’s not! She expects her lack of results to be rewarded.

Essentially, women think raises and promotions are just handed out for showing up to work and maintaining a stable body temperature and this woman believes herself to be deservimg, because she believes herself to be doing a “nice”, noble thing -— more important than her husband and what he does.

Is the raise a routine increase, or is it performance based? We will never know, because women are retards and cannot process information.

(As a sidenote, if a cure for cancer is found tomorrow, who will be paying for the treatment? Many people would say, “My insurance”.)

Yeah, he goes out to work and makes more money, so she can get to do what she “loves to do”. Anyone who has been in sales, much less insurance sales, understands the demands of such a job, which are considerably higher than her glorified lab technician job — pretending to be in the pursuit of saving the world. He sells insurance so that she can have the insurance of falling back on him when her lofty pursuits and ideals are not fulfilled; she gets to maintain the vanity of holding the title of “Cancer doctor”.

Fuck! Women are dumb!

The fact that this dumb cunt is on 4chan posting this fluff, makes me think all of it is a lie, but these are the sentiments being put out there by the female brain. What I mean is, while we have no way of knowing if this a real post or just an online propagandist mechanism (Israeli, Unit 8200 or the Feds), used to incite division and chaos, these sentiments happen to appeal to the female psyche. It is also propagated by women in actual real life cases.

As it pertains to men, it is men like her husband who would actually boast about his wife’s status, not even realizing that it he who is the workhorse provider that sustains her vanity, yet she shows this level of ingratitude and fucking stupidity.

In conclusion, if her husband makes $50k a year, then gets a raise, making $93.5k a year, that’s an 87% increase. If she makes $100k a year and gets a raise, making $118k a year, then that’s an 18% increase. Who makes more? Percentages alone don’t mean shit, but of course the shitheads will fall for it.

Women are dumb!