In the bizarro, totalitarian nation of Australia, government forces have been ordered to take out any protestors of the covid hoax.

Hundreds have taken to the streets to resist the tyranny, but the Australian government had plans for them.

Australia seems to have been the Western testing ground for locking down anytime there are covid-19 “cases”. They tried to brainwash Australians into believing lockdowns work and cases will disappear if they act like slaves.

Many people think that the Australian government is scared of the people. Afraid that they will stand up against this insanity superimposed on them, because of a massive hoax, but this isn’t true.

Read carefully, Australians: the government isn’t afraid of you. It never has been. The government knows you all too well and can bank on your stupidity, hence you’re in the mess you’re currently in. This applies to all of us. They can bank on the stupidity of collaborators and sellouts, like the police officers and the members of the military. The same faggot idiots, who are your sons and to everyone’s demise, your daughters too; to put their boots in our necks. The same morons you praised in previous years, thanking them and valorizing them for their “patriotism” and their “loyalty and service”, are now showing themselves to be the tools and pawns of our oppressors — the government.

You’re not alone in this, however. Americans are just the same way and most likely, worse! You guys are actually standing up, but don’t think the government wasn’t expecting this and doesn’t have plans in place to stymie your efforts of resistance. Hence, they aren’t afraid of you and will never be. Government controls the apparatus of power and has a monopoly on violence in every state!

So, if you think the government is “afraid of the people standing up”, you’re just fooling yourselves and others; selling hopium. They’re always one hundred steps ahead. Anyone who tells you that the government didn’t expect this, is either lying or retarded.

Voting won’t save you, neither will protests. What will save you is action and protests and rallies are in a different zip code to action. They are FEMININE! Action is Masculine!

I watch Max Igan. Yeah, I watch him. I hear him, but…I like Max, okay. I like Max, a lot and Billy even more. Max has come around a lot since listening to Adam and Bjerknes about the Jews and their sinister plans and involvement in all this.

Look, I am certainly not discrediting the resisting spirit of the Australian people. I stand with them. I am just saying, that they, like us, need to be ready to do whatever is necessary for survival when the time comes. That means your sons, your daughters, uncles, cousins, fathers; if they gotta go, then they gotta go. If they’re going to stand with and for oppression and tyranny, then…

The police officers are your friends, family members and neighbors. I’m just saying.

Australian men: women are only going to make things worse. Tell them to keep their dumb asses home. If they insist, punch them in the face until they’re unconscious. If they want to help, tell them to bring pizza and bake cookies or stay the fuck home and take care of the kids. If anything happens to you, she can tell the kids, daddy died fighting to secure freedom and a future for them.

And for God’s sake, stop doing this shit:

“Our kids are not guinea pigs”, yet they bring kids to a fucking protest!

Australian men, if you see this kind of dumb shit, insist that these morons take the kids to a safe place. Do not allow them to join in the protests.

I’m just saying.