In New South Wales, Australia, 140 out of 141 people who are currently hospitalized with severe “Covid” symptoms, are double vaxxed, with the exception of 1. This one person received one shot, instead of two.

Watch this video until the end where the NSW Deputy Premier admits they are all vaccinated.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out this deadly gene therapy is pure poison as I have predicted and pointed out in previous articles, long before the death shot was rolled out.

Here is the long version.

Australia is a currently a hermit kingdom. They are totally locked down and no one can go in and no one can go out. This is a grim foreshadowing what is to come, right here in the US.

Fucking women! Everything to them is a fucking social call or an opportunity put themselves on display. A photo op. Seeking some emotional high out of all of it.

Women are fucking stupid.

Listen folks, when I say Australia is the canary in the coal mine, I am not just referring to the draconian, dystopian, tyrannical bullshit the governments have in store for all of our asses here in the US and other western countries. What I really mean is, they really have the opportunity to do some serious damage to their oppressors — to see the “day of the rope” come to fruition for all these fuckhead politicians and hopefully, be the spark that we all need here in America to bring the rope to the politicians we have here. The Outback Spirit, but you cannot have that with women around!

With these cunts involved, all you’ll have is another womp womp womp event like the January 6th’s “Storming of the Capitol”. It’ll be like every other thing women fuck up when they are included. — dull, boring, aimless and uneventful. All for nought.

Which woman’s idea was it for hundreds of jackasses in Perth, to get together in a parking lot to honk their horns in “opposition to the lockdowns”?

This feminine, faggot shit isn’t going to work!

It is a portrayal of the nagging housewife syndrome. Nag, nag, nag and be fuckimg annoying, until the husband gives in. A bunch of harpies and sirens screaming and talking at once.

What is going on Down Under should act as a warning shot for us all. They’ll be locking us down this coming fall. Will you stand up against them or will you be a cucked, effeminate, mangina soybaby and pull your cellphone out and start recording for social media?

You still believe in government? Still believe they have the answers?

You like that kind of language. “They’re patriots”, right? The government is the biggest mafia and the military is their buttonmen.

We’ll see how this goes, in the face of this:

The following will not work:

When the real men of Australia are ready to take a stand, the ground beneath them will shake with fury!

Get ready.