You know America has been occupied, when almost all American politicians are vocal on Ben & Jerry’s and silent on Pegasus spyware.

Is the Tucker Carlson bullshit starting to make sense, now? What decade are you living in for you to think that Tucker, or any journalist or citizen for that matter, being spied on by intelligence agencies, is stop-traffic important? Don’t get me wrong, it is an important issue, but it is not in the least bit surprising and it is old news!

What’s more important, however, is the growing “antisemitism” in America.

Shocked to find yet another anti-Semitic outrage?

Why does the world hate the sickening, helpless Jews?


An Israel Defense Forces soldier is attempting to sue Ben & Jerry’s for withdrawing its ice cream from sale in Israeli-occupied Palestinian territory, arguing that he’s been deprived from his “preferred” dessert.

The complaint was filed by the 20-year-old soldier’s mother, Adv. Orly Ben Ami, on his behalf, and it claims the man will be unfairly denied the ice cream while on military patrol in the occupied territories, Ynetnews reported.

“The Ben & Jerry’s brand ice cream is his preferred one,” read the complaint, which claimed his “military service requires him to have long and frequent drives in the territories, and often time he purchased ice cream in different businesses.”

Now, as a result of Ben & Jerry’s recent decision to discontinue sales in the occupied territory and its “judgemental position” on the conflict, the ice-cream fan complained he is “unable to enjoy” the ice cream “like everyone” else. It also paints him as a human rights abuser, the complaint says.

The soldier’s ice cream related woes were quickly mocked on social media, with Philadelphia Inquirer journalist Abraham Gutman joking that the “privileged” soldier’s “right to eat Chunky Monkey while occupying” has been “infringed upon.”

Someday, the Jews will be free.

We simply must first destroy the white race.