CNN and the rest of the Jewish media has claimed emphatically that Tucker Carlson is paranoid and a liar for claiming that the NSA is spying on him.

Now, Brian Stelter either won’t talk about it at all, or he will say that it is good that the NSA is spying on him, because he is a terrorist threat.

New York Post:

The National Security Agency has quietly admitted that the identity of Fox News prime-time host Tucker Carlson was “unmasked” and leaked as he alleged earlier this month, according to a report.

“For the NSA to unmask Tucker Carlson or any journalist attempting to secure a newsworthy interview is entirely unacceptable and raises serious questions about their activities as well as their original denial, which was wildly misleading,” a Fox News spokesperson told The Record, a cybersecurity news site.

Two sources told The Record Friday that, according to an internal NSA investigation, Carlson’s name was revealed after it was mentioned in “communications between two parties” that were under surveillance.

But the host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” was neither a direct nor an incidental target of the agency, the sources said.

“Unmasking” refers to the intelligence community practice that allows national security officials to see the identities of American citizens who correspond with foreigners under surveillance.

By law, Americans are supposed to remain shielded from spy agencies’ view — and making any “unmasked” names public is strictly prohibited.

There was a time, not long ago, when liberals also would have been bothered by the concept of intelligence agencies spying directly on journalists for the purpose of trying to set them up.

Now, of course, the left in America aggressively supports the military industrial complex, including all of these spy agencies.

It is worth noting, that all this stuff going on with Tucker Carlson being singled out by the Jewish lame stream media, is all a ploy to promote him. It is exactly the same shit they do, constantly as with the fat disgusting shill, Alex Jones and many people fall for it. Consistently. They are trying to paint him as “anti-establishment” in order to draw the boomertards, Republitards and Conservitards alike, out into the open. It is another honeypot to attract whites who agree with Tucker’s rhetoric, then “expose” them as White Supremacists and antisemitic. The same mechanisms are being applied with regards to anti-vaxxers.

Many of you will be reading this and say to yourselves that I’m over thinking things, but that’s merely because you don’t comprehend how Jews operate! You don’t understand that they plan way ahead of time, are extremely patient and calculated and don’t do nor allow random things to happen in areas they control.

So, many people are falling and will fall for this Tucker Carlson bullshit hoax, because he says exactly what they think and plays on their emotions. Yet, they haven’t stopped to wonder how is it he had managed to stay on air, saying the things he says, for this long; they haven’t pulled the plug on him. They know that we all are wondering this, because we are so stupid that we telegraph all of our thoughts and emotional reactions to all stimuli on social media platforms such as Facebook, Gab, Telegram and Parler and they monitor all of it! We make it extremely easy for them.

The world we live, folks, is all staged and no, I am not playing off of the adage, “all the world’s a stage”. I mean everything that you see in the media and in social media is production.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was confronted by a furious critic while shopping with his family and told, “you are the worst human being known to mankind.” A man named Dan Bailey found himself trending on social media over the weekend thanks to a video taken by a friend of a confrontation with Carlson at a fly-fishing store in Montana. In the footage, Bailey told Carlson, “you are the worst human being known to mankind” and continued to harass him while the Fox News host said he was with his family. “I don’t care that your daughter’s here,” Bailey said. Once Carlson noticed the camera, he laughed and told Bailey to “settle down, son.” Though the confrontation appears relatively short, Bailey celebrated confronting Carlson when he posted the video to Instagram.

Carlson is Fox News’ most popular host and a frequent critic of liberals, particularly regarding the Covid-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests.

Every last one of his fans are saying: NSA spies on him, essentially blackmailing him, then the CIA sends a golem to intimidate his family. To them, that’s because, “he’s a real American patriot”. Another person for the hopeless to believe in. Another soteriological figurehead.

Despite the fact that the guy who harassed Tucker, Dan Bailey, is indeed a CIA agent, all of this orchestrated to go the way I have suggested.

Folks, again! Everything you see in the media and on social media is pre-planned and produced by intelligence agencies in the USA and Israel. Primarily Israel. Moreover, everyone that you see to be a prominent figure in the Jewish mainstream media, is not there by chance or happenstance. This includes YouTube personalities and YouTube channels.

I am not being facetious, neither am I being paranoid. The information is there for anyone who is interested. I just haven’t convered it, because it is a lot of information to gather and put together. Indeed, I do comprehend that I’m asking you to trust me on this, but trust me on this: it is all production and fake. It is all orchestrated and never random. It is all a Jewish plot to confound the goyim mind.

One last thing about Jews: They need antisemitism. They feed off of it. They create situations for it and bankroll it!

This is why I have not covered the Ben & Jerry’s supposed fiasco, because I understand that it is all staged.