You people don’t want to listen, and instead want to exist in some dumb fantasy world.

I’ve been telling you since the CDC announced a brief cessation of restrictions that this was simply a summer break to release some pressure, and an attempt to get more people to accept the Fauci Ouchie.

But most people, morons that they are, believed that the pandemic hoax was “ending” or “over.”

I have told you since April of 2020 that it will not end until every small business is destroyed, until all your rights are taken away, and until a new “Great Reset” global government is established, but you, the stupid ones, want to live in a fantasy where a totalitarian Jew government gives people back their freedoms that the people have willingly surrendered, because they are nice.

Note: even when these measures “end,” they won’t actually really end – they will be melded seamlessly into a global warming hoax, with all of the same basic measures. They will also continue talking about viruses, and make you wear masks on and off and so on, just to keep you uneasy.

I have consistently pointed to the fact that other places in the world are continuing with the hoax in a very extreme way – France, Greece, Australia, etc.

Well, now Lord Master Fauci is coming out with a new round of menacing threats, and is telling people it’s going to be mask time again soon. The booster is coming.

The government is passing new vaxx mandates for government employees.

Then, of course, the ultimate humiliation, and the skullcrusher – the vaxx passport is coming.

CNN is now already shilling it.

The single most shocking thing about that clip is how fat this bitch is.

She has doubled her mass every time I see her. I don’t understand how she is even able to take breaks from eating to record her show. She may well have a tube pumping cookie dough directly into her gut while she’s on air.

The second most shocking thing was that she brought on a Mexican fruit picker as an “expert” who is demanding the vaxx pass.

The same man who pooped on your lettuce is now giving you advice on running your tyranny.

He calls it a “green pass” – which reminded me of the way he passed a bowel movement onto my leafy greens.

This is happening.

It is going to be a very dark fall.

This system is going to require you to scan a QR code to go into anywhere.

We already know how this will be implemented, because it is being implemented in Europe, and everywhere in the Western world is doing the same thing. Every movement you make will be tracked by a government database.

Oh no – sorry.

It would be illegal for the government to implement such a system and force people to use it.

So, instead, the government will contract private monopoly companies to do the exact same thing, but it’s totally different, because it’s a private company. Get it?

So: Walmart, Whole Foods, IKEA, Bed, Bath & Beyond, McDonald’s, Taco Bell, even Applebees – all will require you to log your movements in a database maintained by Apple and Google. I guarantee you that your local grocery store and supermarket will be in on this.

You might say: “well, the government is already tracking your every move with your phone data.” To that I would say: yes, probably, but it’s illegal, so it’s a completely different thing. This will be you “voluntarily” giving over your every movement to the government, inside of this grid.

Part of that is the psychological effect of you willingly surrendering your data. This is training you to be a slave. That shouldn’t be discounted, but the other part is that the government and these tech companies will now have legal ability to use your tracking data for any purpose.

There is zero chance this will not happen in America, and you need to consider now how you’re going to deal with it. Will you go along with it, or not?

Are you willing to take the vaxx?

If not, then you’re going to have to get out of the city.

If so, then you should understand that you are surrendering the entirety of your personal sovereignty to this global government system, and there will not be any going back.

You people need to get it together.

You really only have a couple of weeks to figure this out.

Maybe there will be some resistance, and some snags or whatever – hell, maybe it won’t even be implemented until next year, but most likely, it is coming down now.

The thing to understand above all is this: there is no other possibility than that this entire system is going to be implemented in America. There is no way out of it. Nothing is going to change this course.

Floridians! DeSantis had not caved, yet!, but it is only a matter of time, before he does. Watch the video in the link provided.

This one is behind a pay wall.

DeSantis, if you haven’t noticed, is openly against masks! Not vaccines! He says this:


DeSantis banned vaccine passports for covid-19, yet secretly slipped in a clause that allows forced vaccination for future pandemics. The Delta strain qualifies. I wish I was making this up, but you can read it all yourself in Senate Bill 2006. What can we expect from a zionist who just funded a holocaust task force and sided with Israel in the Ben & Jerry’s psyop?

Ordering an individual to be examined, tested, vaccinated, treated, isolated, or quarantined for communicable diseases that have significant morbidity or mortality and present a severe danger to public health. Individuals who are unable or unwilling to be examined, tested, vaccinated, or treated for reasons of health, religion, or conscience may be subjected to isolation or quarantine.

If there is no practical method to isolate or quarantine the individual, the State Health Officer may use any means necessary to vaccinate or treat the individual.

All of this was predetermined before you ever heard the word “coronavirus.”

If you’re living in some state where you think, “maybe it won’t happen like this,” you are in a state of delusion and denial.

Frankly, the level of idiocy and “moronticity” among some of the readers of this site is truly incredible.

I’m sure a lot of you get it, and are following the plan, but some of you – wow!

It’s shocking to lay all of this out in such simple terms and have people come at me with full retardism.