As was always the plan, the government is now kicking things up a notch, using more aggressive methods to coerce people into being injected with the deadly vaxx.

Remember: this is just the latest phase.

This will keep getting more and more extreme, and it will reach the point of either rounding people up and force-vaxxing them, or just putting them in camps. I do suspect that a more viable plan is to starve out the unvaxxed. This means, no access to grocery stores and supermarkets.

New York Post:

New COVID-19 vaccine requirements for government employees are being unveiled across the US as the country attempts to jump-start its slowing immunization rate.

The vaccine mandates come amid what federal health officials have called a “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

New York City

Gotham just announced a mandate for its municipal workers — including teachers and police officers — to get vaccinated by mid-September or undergo weekly coronavirus testing.

Mayor Bill de Blasio said the new rule was part of the effort to boost the city’s recovery.

“This is about what we need to do to bring back New York City, This is about keeping people safe,” de Blasio said Monday.

The policy will impact the city’s 340,000 employees.

De Blasio said unvaccinated city employees will be required to wear masks indoors at all times, as well as get the weekly testing.

San Francisco will require its 35,000 city employees to get the COVID-19 vaccine — or they could potentially lose their jobs.

California will require all state workers and health-care employees to show proof of COVID-19 vaccination or face weekly testing.

Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday that the new policy will take effect Aug. 2 and testing will be phased in over the next few weeks.

An individual’s choice not to get vaccinated is now impacting the rest of us in a profound and devastating and deadly way,” Newsom said.

The policy will impact around 238,000 state employees and at least 2 million health-care workers in the public and private sectors, according to the state’s controller’s office.

The federal Department of Veterans Affairs has mandated that all of its health-care personnel get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The agency announced Monday that the new rule will affect physicians, dentists, podiatrists, optometrists, registered nurses and physician assistants, as well as workers in departmental facilities and those who provide direct care to veterans.

The curmudgeonly fake president is getting curmudgeonly.

He’s demanding people working in the office of Veteran Affairs get vaxxed, but notice that he is not demanding that Anthony Fauci’s own employees get vaxxed.

Fauci admitted in May that 40-50% of his own employees are refusing outright.

It’s been two months, and no single journalist has asked him why so many of the people who are tasked with injecting others with the vaxx are refusing it themselves.

Rand Paul hasn’t asked him about that either, and instead opted to spew gibberish about the Wuhan lab hoax.

The next phase is going to be vaxx passports. The media has already started really hyping that agenda.

At this point, anyone who cannot see that this was all preplanned is basically mentally ill. If you imagine that this government is just making decisions on the fly, and that CNN is just now coming up with the idea for a vaxx pass, highlighting Florida as the epicenter, you are so deluded and disconnected from reality that it is a wonder you are even able to function.

Can you imagine that even right-wingers were calling me and this site a “conspiracy theory site” last year?

It’s funny how people just forget that happened.

That’s why I maintain the, “I told you so”, because people love to conveniently forget their displays of stupidity.