I’ve reserved my opinions and statements until now, like any intelligent, rational person would.

Not only did I see the psyop and bullshit behind it, but I knew all the details and information had not been gathered.

So, there are quite a few perspectives to be had around all of this, of which the first one is indeed accurate and true.

That perspective is, Israel is an occupationist, tyrannical state in Palestine that is committing heinous and atrocious acts of violence and genocide, worse than what the Nazis have been accused of.

Out of this perspective, many sentiments are derived. For example, many who share this same perspective, hold the sentiment that it is about time people started speaking up about Israel’s illegitimacy. This is accompanied by the realization that one ought not to ever criticize nor point out the hypocrisy of Jews. The backlash is swift and crippling.

While all of this is indeed accurate and angering at the same time, one important perspective is lost and it is so lost, because many either didn’t wait for all the details or wanted to have their cake and eat it too.

I suspect it is both and I’ll happily explain.

First off, it was a cunt who opened her cunt mouth and made the statement.

Shut your filthy cunt mouth and sell fucking ice cream bitch!

No one asked for your opinion!

You see, what’s going on here is that Cancel Culture, which is female cuntery, has gone awry or come home to roost; however it sits with your ass. No one dares to point this fact out!

Women don’t know their fucking places and think they can open their fucking breathing holes, as if their opinions fucking matter. As a matter of fact, this is exactly what happens when we make women think and believe their opinions matter!

They don’t!

This is where many people want to have their cake and eat it, too.

This is where many people want to have their faces in two plates at the same time.

On one hand, many people who the MSM will claim to be on the far right, or conservatives, anti-israel, anti-semetic; who themselves, justifiably oppose Israel’s occupation of Palestine, will tell you that companies were wrong and fucked up for supporting BLM, Antifa and being anti-Trump. They will profess that these companies had no right to get involved with politics. They would be right about this, but as soon as they see any companies in advocacy of their views and leanings, they are okay with it, instantly.

This is very feminine! It is disgusting, irrational and vaginal. Void of logic, reason and consistency.

You cannot eat from two plates at the same time.

It is shit like this that causes the white awareness groups to lose credibility. It is because of shit like this — having women involved in anything and allowing them a seat at any table — everything gets destroyed!

Again, Cancel Culture, social media and the senseless back and forths that ensue, are all feminine. Censorship is feminine. Just being on social media in general, in addition to doing so in order to censor and censure others, is extremely feminine and disgusting.

Arguing on the internet is like being in the Retard Olympics. You may win, but you’re still retarded. This is where women belong!

All of these platforms are designed for women to kevetch, bitch, nag and complain. Men who use these platforms, such as Twitter, are effectually behaving like women.

None of it is to teach or to be edifying, but merely to blurt out your emotions and put on display your emotional instability.

Ben and Jerry’s are a Jewish conglomeracy and their board chair is a cunt. This looks like it will devour itself as The Feminine always does.