Putin’s trembling watching this

This is really great.

We need more women to die in wars to spread democracy. However, the objective is to have No More Wars.

After all, it is women who are the backbone of our democracy, so it really makes a lot of sense that they would be the ones to go fight and die in defense of our values.

I am so onboard with this! Finally!

Sputnik News:

Never before have the Norwegian Armed Forces received so many female recruits. Of the 1,081 new recruits for the navy and air force, 46 percent, nearly half, are women. In the air force alone, 60 percent are female.

Norway introduced gender-neutral conscription in 2015, the first European nation to do so. Ever since, the percentage of women in the armed forces has risen steadily.

“It’s really good! Women in the military provide greater diversity. They have a lot of knowledge and experience, and a distribution of women and men provides a better learning environment for the Armed Forces,” Ronny Kristoffersen, a Commander-in-Chief at the KNM Harald Haarfagre, told national broadcaster NRK, celebrating the new record.

The Armed Forces aims to achieve an even distribution of female and male recruits, but in order to achieve this, physical demands on women have been lowered.

According to Anders Aandstad, an associate professor at the Norwegian Defence College, that there are numerous advantages to an even distribution of women and men in the military, but it can also affect physical capacity.

“The way we conduct warfare has changed. There are many more tasks that don’t have the same physical requirements,” Aandstad mused.

Nevertheless, he is very surprised that the proportion of new female recruits in the air force has jumped up to 60 percent, warning of negative consequences.

“If there are many positions with high physical demands, such a high proportion of women can be a physical disadvantage, even though there are many other advantages,” Aandstad cautioned.

Many, many advantages.

The list of advantages of female soldiers is so long, and so obvious, that it would be ridiculous to even try to list those advantages.

One thing is certain, women are much smarter and more compassionate than men, which is a big plus on the battlefield.

For example, whereas a man’s instinct is to kill the enemy, a woman could think of another option – like bringing the enemy back to Europe to live on welfare.

This is what internalized patriarchy looks like.