Lots of countries are “rising up” these days. As I’ve mentioned, this is all a feminine response that will amount to absolutely nothing, unless men take the fore.

Until then, all will be beaten totally into submission by the globalist technotronic control grid.


Hundreds flocked onto Bratislava’s streets and obstructed traffic in the capital, to protest against a recently passed law granting fully Covid-vaccinated people easier access into public venues than non-inoculated citizens.

Protesters poured into Bratislava en masse on Thursday, blocking key roads and the presidential palace to demonstrate their opposition to the recent coronavirus vaccination law. Several of the protesters made demands from the government and president to give power back to “the people”, with others warning that the law was creating a two-tiered society between the non-vaccinated and the fully inoculated. 

So strange that every democracy country has come to this same conclusion of the need for a technological control grid to fight the virus, while everyone in the world disagrees with it.

What a huge coincidence!

The recent legislation, approved on Sunday by the parliament and signed by the president, Zuzana Caputova, immediately gave authorities the right to impose restrictions on non-vaccinated people should the coronavirus situation escalate.

Non-vaccinated citizens would be required to produce a negative coronavirus test or show proof of recovery from the illness before entering establishments such as restaurants. Meanwhile, citizens fully vaccinated against Covid are able to enter public spaces more easily by confirming their vaccination status.

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Eduard Heger expressed concern at the protests, commenting that “everyone has the right to express their opinion, but they should do so politely and without restricting the freedom of others.” Heger also warned that Slovakia is on the brink of experiencing a third wave of coronavirus infections and advised citizens to act responsibly, as “at stake is the health and lives of loved ones”.

Thursday’s demonstration is not an isolated incident, but a continuation of protests that erupted last Friday. Protesters gathered outside of the national parliament in Bratislava, attempting to force themselves inside and pelting eggs at the building. Riot police responded by deploying tear gas on the activists.

All of Europe will first be brought to heel under this total techno control grid system.

Then, after Europe has completely surrendered and submitted, it will be brought to America.

The timeline for when it arrives in America is based on how long it takes to implement it in Europe. I suspect they want a full lockdown, everyone submitting to checkpoints at every grocery store, before they bring it to America. They suspect that if Europeans see Americans rising up, Europeans will also rise up, I suppose. I disagree, but whatever. For all of the bad things that the Europeans say about America, most of their culture is based on copying America.

Americans might put up a little bit of a fight, but probably not much, because much of the western world is feminized and women are “leading” the front. It won’t matter if Americans “put up a resistance”, because all of it is exactly what I’ve been saying it is — a feminized larp and opportunity for women and feminized, mangina men, to put themselves on display and make social media appearances and photo-ops. With the rest of the world locked down, it will just be a matter of wearing down the Americans, which will be very easy, because of the feminine nature of the resistance to all of this.

Once the control grid is in place, then they’re going to move towards all-out forced vaccines, where many will get into violent confrontations and be injured or killed as a result.

These new measures that are being implemented will obviously be permanent, and they are much of the reason that the virus hoax was invented in the first place.

I’m certain that you don’t understand how bad this is actually going to be. It is a total control grid. Your every movement is on a government record. You have to scan your QR code app every time you enter anywhere.

Of course, it shouldn’t matter to you, the reader, as you’ve already committed not to getting the vaccine, and whatever they throw at you, you will deal with.

But imagine these people going around thinking this is “not a big deal”?

The American congresspeople are just complaining about masks.

They’re not even talking about the passport.


That faggot Kevin McCarthy is instead saying he wants to give Cuba freedom.

And vaccines.

You don’t get anything. You have to be enslaved so that you can go around liberating others from socialism.

But in Europe, it’s been huge. You guys already know that.

Apparently, Americans are just too stupid to even know that the vaxx pass is coming for them.

I just frankly can’t even wrap my brain around the fact that these Republicans are out there talking about Cuba.

The Cubans are saying outright that these protests are all being organized by the US.

BBC News:

Cuba’s communist rulers and state-controlled media are alleging that anti-government protests that swept across the island on Sunday were “organised and financed” from the United States, and egged on by a “perverse” and co-ordinated communications campaign on social media.

“There was no social uprising,” Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez was quoted by the Communist Party daily Granma as saying.

“There were riots, disorder, caused by a communications operation that has been prepared for some time, to which multi-million dollar resources have been destined: laboratories, technological platforms [backed] with funds of the United States government.”

Their freedom is more important than the freedom of America and Europe, for some reason.

We don’t even know what their freedom is. If they get liberated by the United States, they’re just going to be forced on a vaxx pass techno grid.

It’s actually amazing.