There’s no sense quibbling and arguing over what’s going on anymore. It has become quite clear and straightforward.

They will not stop until we are all vaxxed.

We cannot be too sure as to what governments around the world are trying to do with regard to the vax, but it sure can be said, that it doesn’t look too good.

Think for a second.

All, countries around the entire planet are on board with this weird plot to have every single human being on earth, jabbed with this concoction from hell.

Allow this to sink in. They aren’t letting up until everyone is vaxxed. This is beyond insane. It is death camp insane.

Concentration Camp?

This is scary.

Americans are starting to react.

Guess what? It is truly that simple. He’s right. He’s 100% right.

The US government, as all other governments around the world, is infringing on our rights.

Many, including the Specular Effect team, have been the voices, crying in the wildnerness; for decades, warning others about the growing, insatiable control of the government. That it will use many tricks to assume total control over our lives. We were all labeled “conspiracy theorists” and ostracized.

Now? Look at what’s going on.

Feminine “resistance” is futile.

All of this is why there are blatant lies, fabrications, exaggerations and a lot of flip flopping occurring with the CDC and many “officials”. This is done specifically to divide us and there has been division, since last year.

I’ll be very up front with you readers: I do not know what these people are up to, but from the looks of things, none of this looks good. All of it appears to be very sinister, but you guys already know this.

What I am meaning to say is, I wish I had good news and I don’t care to be the bearer of bad news; I wish I could say everything is going to be alright, but I just don’t know. From the looks of it, the future looks bleak and grim. We are totally divided into two distinct camps, pro-vax and anti-vax. If I am correct, many on both sides are going to die or suffer severe consequences — from the vaccine and from the violent reactions from those who are pro-vax onto those who are anti-vax.

All of this is happening quite rapidly.

The feminine resistance is on the rise, but it will definitely abate. The authorities know this. They know this is another feminine larp and virtue signaling. It will die down and when it does, they will sweep in.

Biden’s administration is not ruling out new lockdowns and school closures in the U.S. The “experts” at the CDC are in charge. Unbelievable. They are “very well respected”.

Put aside the fact that the faces to these insane demands are feminine. I want you to comprehend that all of this is feminine, without having a female face as a mental referent.

I want you guys to comprehend that tyranny can only occur when Feminine values are in circulation.

It can only be curtailed by the efforts of the Masculine.

I promise you, the time will come when you will have to forcefully resist, then and only then you will see and comprehend that the feminized bullshit “resistance” we are seeing, truly amount to NOTHING!

There MUST be blood, in order for us to survive.

Prepare yourselves!