“Protests” and “demonstrations” against vaccine passports got underway in France, today.

These two words are merely substitutes for another word — “Faggotness”.

That’s how the French look, right now.

I’m sorry, but I am not sorry to tell you that, if there are cops still standing: YOU HAVE FAILED!

If politicians are able to make a speech tomorrow about your “demonstration”: YOU HAVE FAILED!

Both of these things will effectively demonstrate another two things — people don’t get the seriousness of what is going on with the vaccine and what governments around the world are doing and they are totally femininized!

This is feminine. This is gay!

I’ve told you French, like I’ve told the Australian and American readers, that women are extremely fucking dumb and when you involve them in anything, that thing ceases to be what it is intended to be. It is essentially destroyed.

“Protesting”, “demonstrations”; Hope, is FEMININE. Action is Masculine.

I’ve explained before that these “protests” are merely photo ops and social media “lemme show my ass” moments, for women. Listen to these dumb cunts with their “woo hoo” and “woo” like they’re at a night club or music concert.

Fucking idiots.

The men out there have been bred to be “non-violent”. Only the government is allowed to use violence. Fucking retards. These men have all been bred to be feminine!

Yes, I am totally aware of what it is I’m calling for, but guess what? I am calling for it, because I know and can see things. I know that women are totally fucking useless and can only cause problems in a time as such as we live today and, I can see where all of this is headed. We are all going to be herded into death camps or at least, not allowed to participate in normal life ever again!

I heard someone say, “what are they going to do? Kill 300 million people?”

Uh, yeah! I am convinced that is exactly the plan, anyway. Now these “protests” and “demonstrations” (faggotry) will give them justification. Besides, it has been done many times in the past.

Women can only fag your operation.

That’s more like it.

Still, this will all amount to nothing if these cops are still left operational.

They are no longer your brothers, fathers, uncle, cousins and husbands. They are tools of your oppressors.

I am not saying that we here in America are any better. Of course not. I totally expect the same feminine, fairy, kumbaya, faggotness. I just have to call it out, because I can see what the real issue is — WOMEN!

You guys don’t have to listen to me. You can say whatever you want about me, but I’ll always be right about this one! The western world is totally cucked and feminized and all of this will be for nought.