Anthony Fauci claims to be the only wizard on earth capable of directly communicating with the Science.

However, he now has a competitor in Rand Paul – who is also claiming to be able to communicate with the Science. Far from claiming that the Science wants more mask mandates, Paul claims that the Science told him that the Science doesn’t support mask mandates.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson, Paul said that he also follows the Science, but that his communications with Science are the true Science doctrine.

“It Makes No Sense and the Science Doesn’t Support It” Dr. Paul on New Mask Mandates July 29, 2021u

So, basically, I think this is completely retarded on its face.

“Science” is no better than voodoo at this point, because the universities and government institutions doing the studies will just falsely claim them to something else in order to push a leftist agenda. Just as one very small example, Rand Paul will accept the CDC’s death toll, despite the fact that it is completely ridiculous.

If you say “follow the Science,” what you are saying is “endorse the conclusions of these highly politicized institutions” — Government Science — and it’s a game you cannot ever win.

Here’s a game you can win: the government does not have the right to control the people’s behavior, regardless of whether there is a deadly virus on the loose or not. The lockdowns, the forced masking, the vaxx coercion – all of these virus measures were both illegal and immoral, regardless of the circumstances presented by the alleged pandemic.

Do you see how this works?

Do you see how obvious it is that as soon as you give the left the ability to determine the rules of the discussion, you’ve already surrendered to them?

“Dems are the real Science deniers” is no better than “Dems are the real racists.”

It’s moronic to surrender all of your most basic philosophical premises before you even enter into the debate, and the only reason you would ever do that is because you want to lose.

Maybe Rand Paul doesn’t want to lose, but he exists within the confines of an ideological order – that of conservatism – that thrives on losing and surrendering.

Instead of “follow the science,” here’s what Paul should say:

Look, we can argue all day about the meaning of the latest study from the CDC or Johns Hopkins, but it ultimately doesn’t matter. What matters is that the government never had the right to shut down our businesses, to force us to wear masks, or to coerce us into taking an experimental vaccine.

Everyone who is afraid of the virus has the right to shelter in place in their home, to wear a mask, to take an experimental vaccine, if that’s what they want to do. People can look at this study or that study and decide what they think is best for them. But the government simply has no mandate to shut down society or to force people to do things they don’t want to do under the guise of protecting the population.

That would force the Democrats and their Republican allies to explain why they have a right to take our freedoms, and make our decisions for us, which is something they are not equipped to do.

They are very much equipped to say “oh, actually no, Senator Paul, the Science doesn’t say what you said it says. It actually says what we said it says; here’s the latest study.”

What is so disgusting is that I even need to explain something so simple as this right here, because the total policy of the entire American conservative movement is: “well of course as soon as the Democrats present the terms of the argument, you immediately surrender to them – that’s just being gentlemanly.”