Women should not have been allowed to use the internet. Just like they should not have been allowed to vote or participate in public life.

Doing so, has only resulted in debauchery, stupidity and essentially, destruction.

Women are extremely fucking stupid and anyone who argues otherwise, is either lying or retarded, themselves.

Most people who suggest that women aren’t stupid are effectually attempting to take exceptions to the rule and make a new rule. Any man who does this, is feminized mentally and “reasons” like a woman.

To make the common, retarded NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That) argument, isn’t retarded, because the statement is incorrect; it is retarded, because it is an attempt to disregard what is general and common by highlighting exceptions. They’ll even go so far as to say that you’re attracting, or around the “wrong kind of women”. What’s the right kind? Dumb fucks. All this is to suggest that they themselves are different; exactly what all women claim.

Men, what you’ve just watched is how most women think. It is what they actually believe, because women, mentally and inherently think themselves to be victims of everyone and everything!

This goes for dykes and normal women alike. Remember, a woman’s brain is purely emotional and this constant insanity of emotionality is directly connected to her vagina and reproductive organs. It is inevitable that they see themselves as victims, because they must be penetrated and “acted upon”. There is no escaping the psycho-sexual insanity.

Have you ever listened to a “female rapper”, for instance?

This is why everything they are about always reduces to either being sexual or them being victims; victims of sex, sexual assault and that includes perceived and made up events. They are essentially, without a doubt, sexual vessels and nothing more.

Saying, women are incubators is actually a complement, yet women will always get offended by this, because they want you to see them as much more than the sum of what they are — sperm receptacles. Anything outside of this function and realization of this function results in the catastrophic societies we have today.

Women should be making babies, baking cookies and cooking breakfasts, lunches and dinners for their families. Instead, we have these dumb cunts online, showing their tits asses on OnlyFans and just about any social media platform they are on.

They are truly incompetent, mediocre men, who love to claim otherwise, but the reality is inescapable.

They are not funny…

…they are not interesting outside of their tits, ass and vaginas…

…and outside of those, there is a vast open world waiting to be explored, tall buildings to be built, enterprises to be taken on and new frontiers to be conquered.

Women are overrated and always have been. If sex was not part of the equation; if women didn’t have vaginas, we would probably hunt them for sport.

Quite frankly, I rather grind a few levels in Dragon Quest than to subject myself to some dull, whiny, wannabe funny, front hole, who wants to impress me with her pea brain and to convince me that my life would be better off with her in it. All for what? To have sex with her then to have to put up with more of her inane shit — yapping, gossiping, then three years later, she can accuse me of raping her. No thank you!

Any woman who steps out of line and puts her hands on me, will get her head taken off. Just saying. Equal rights, demand equal lefts. Fuck around and find out.