The source has since been nuked, of course, but here’s a little bit more.

I have been doompilled for so many years that I totally failed to see that it’s going to be Pfizer (Jews) vs. ZOG (Jews) vs Isrseli-controlled-China, in a Mexican standoff. Mutual suicide pact. Win-win-win.

The vaccine deaths are only the beginning.

And they have begun.

Here’s a bit of perspective for you folks:

If 50% of the population dies off, life will never be the same. This is not something a functioning society can come back from.

You must also keep in mind that, almost all doctors and nurses will be among the dead. There will be no gasoline at the gas stations, no food at the stores, no police to call when your house is being raided for supplies. All low level politicians will be dead, while the highest level who received only saline will go into hiding.

Even with a few key people missing, factories and power plants cannot operate. You will have no power, no heat/ac, unless you are off grid (most aren’t).

Plants and wildlife will begin to take over urban areas in only a few short months. Of the 50% of people who didn’t take the vaccine, 90% will die within a year from lack of food, clean water, and shelter.

This is not a movie, you are not the main character, and you will probably be among the dead.

I’m not trying to blackpill, but it seems to be a lot of people who fantasize about a post apocalyptic world, when it’s so much worse than anyone of us can imagine.

Make no mistake, this is all purposeful. The man behind the curtain wants you dead, and he will likely succeed. I have no solution, but only to prepare.

I will still offer a word of consolation. Here it is: