I did predict that Biden was going to unleash the hell hounds in 2021, if he was successful with stealing the election and so he has.

Well, to be fair, it isn’t really him, but the people who are pulling his strings, because that guy is out to lunch.

The dark hand that controls the machinations of politics and mayhem in this country is suiciding witnesses to their 1/6 plan.

I am not the least bit surprised about this.

Reports are saying 4 capitol police officers committed suicide today, but I can only find 3.

So, it seems to be like a wet work cleanup crew on cops that probably weren’t up for the dog and pony show.

This sends a message to anyone thinking about going against the narrative. Same shit happened with the fake ass raid on Bin Laden and the seal team that supposedly carried it out. Whatever. All basically murked.

People are still going to vote in 3 years, though.