The military is now being rolled out, as I predicted.

Berlin, Germany

As I predicted, all the “protests” and “demonstrations” don’t count a fuck.

Many people in America still have this disconnected comprehension about what’s going on in Australia and around the world. They seem to think that what’s going on Down Under, is somehow too far away to affect them. It hasn’t yet sunk in, that all governments around the globe, are working as one, unified body and hive-mind.

What is going on in Australia, is sure to make its way everywhere else, including America.

Getting a fake vaccination card or lying about getting the vaccine is a half-measure. We’ve seen what compromise has gotten us— our rights chipped away with every new law. The vaccine mandate is the hill to die on and many will surely die.

We must, outrightly refuse the vaccine and assert our right to self-determination and bodily integrity. If they fire us all, so be it. Collect unemployment for a few months, and bleed the System dry. Buy guns. For Australia, this may be too late, but while we can, get your guns!

There are millions of us refusing to bend the knee, perhaps this will force our hands and be the catalyst for the creation of a parallel economy and society — one by and for the True Resistance — the culture war criminals.