I warned Australian readers!

Here is a faggot, feel-strong, Aussie cop, bragging about not needing a warrant, breaking down walls, pepper-spraying nonviolent civilians in their own homes.

Still back the Blue?

Australian cops have gone full fascist and are invading the home and private domiciles of ordinary people.

It’s only going to get worse!

The cunt in the background filming? What is she going to do about it. I’m glad you asked.


Muslims actually fight back. They don’t take shit from oppressive authoritarianism.

There are absolutely no constitutional protections on prison island, right now.

I can imagine how many people probably emigrated to Australia, thinking it was a white man’s paradise. Nice Dream.

“Being out and about without a loicense m8. Come ‘ere!”

Here, check this for fun (short one):

Totally insane dystopian shit, right?

I spoke to an Aussie today and he said to me, “Prison Island, mate. These muppets gave up all their guns and are literally just waiting for someone to enslave them all in exchange for more comfort. Australia is a fucking joke.

I responded with, “yeah they allowed women to vote and be in the work place and it was all downhill from there”.

He looked at me like,

He did say that this suburb is notorious for haggling with the coppers regularly, but I assured him, that this is going to go to white neighborhoods, very soon.

In fact…

This brutality transcends race. The cops in Australia have already drawn the line in the sand. Things are just now warming up.