There is a bigger threat than the coronavirus that threatens us all and that is the threat of disinformation. It is everywhere these days, being spread by racists, or the Russians, or the Chinese or something.

In order to avoid having your own brain infected with disinformation, you have to stick with the eternal truth of Science, which is the only known vaccine against disinformation.

These are the facts, straight from Science itself:

If anyone disagrees with any of these SCIENTIFIC FACTS, you would do very well to stay the hell away from them, lest you get infected with their disinformation and become an anti-vaxxer.

If anyone approaches you on the street and attempts to tell you something different from these FACTS, stick your fingers in your ears and start screaming.

You might not expect disinformation to get to you, but that is just how insidious it is – like a virus, disinformation will infect your brain and make you stop believing in the effectiveness of these safe vaccines.