The coronavirus is a viral internet hoax spread by the disgusting Jews for the purpose of dazzling the goyim as they establish their Jew World Order (also known as the Great Jewset).

We’ve seen a process of total demonization of anyone who dares question this foundational global hoax, and we are now seeing the teeth really come out from underneath the cuck muzzle.

The Australians are really getting the worst of it, as they are serving as a test population for measures soon to be implemented against the rest of the world.

Yahoo! News (Australia):

There are calls for harsher penalties to combat the spread of misinformation online, including huge $11,000 fines for posting on social media, amid reports of a second anti-protest rally being planned.

As Covid-19 case numbers continue to surge in NSW, the State Opposition wants tougher, targeted public health orders to crack down on anti-lockdown rally organisers and viral social media spruikers.

These include $11,000 fines for people sharing information on social media about illegal rallies and inciting others to illegally attend.

Under the plan, protest organisers would be slapped with whopping $20,000 fines.

Unlawful attendees would face fines of $5,500, an increase from the current $1000 penalty.

Shadow Police Minister Walt Secord said these fines would smash those who operate on the fringes through their anti-vaxxer and far right-wing networks.

Who or what are the Shadow Police?

Is this any relation to the League of Shadows?

Sounds like a similar thing, though much more feminine, gay, and Jewish.

At the protests, Australians have been ridden down by Shadow Police forces on horseback, and beaten with bats.

Still, these marches are bigger than anything you’ve seen in your lifetime.

The media is lying about them, including manufacturing their numbers, but these organic protests against the virus hoax happening all across the Western world are much, much bigger than those faggot white guilt protests for George Floyd (which were organized by the media and government themselves).

Still, all of it will be for nought, because they possess too much feminine energy.

The crackdown is swift and extreme, and the government will win, because people simply waited too long to stand up, the control grid is already largely in place and women are involved.

That said, you shouldn’t behave differently simply because you know you’re going to lose. Right and wrong remain the same, regardless of the outcome of doing the right or wrong thing.