As we here have predicted, the Corona virus hoax is never going away.

What’s more, the hoax was never supposed to be questioned. Like women, who falsely make accusations of abuse and rape, everyone is supposed to believe and accept their word as fact and truth. You dare not question them nor demand evidence. If you do, you’re “victim blaming”. With regards to this virus hoax, you’re a conspiracy theorist.

The exact same feminine mindset is behind all of this inanity we are living, daily.

We also find this femininity when the hoax of 6 gazillion Jews being gassed in Germany, during WW2, is questioned. Or, with the anthropogenic global warming hoax and the feminine hysteria surrounding it.

At this point, it is almost pointless to belabor the point that the entire hoax is indeed ridiculous; that it is feminine in nature and construct — it does not add up, illogical and frankly, asinine. As with when you are dealing with women and their stupidity, the virus hoax was never supposed to be questioned or challenged. It was supposed to be accepted as fact, just because…

Inspite of the fact that many people cannot see nor recognize this parallel, it is necessary to hold them by the heads and force them to pay attention to what it is we are trying to show them.

It may take them a while to recognize the significance of the picture above, so I’ll point out what should be quite obvious.

All of these reports say the same thing — 233 new cases. Different locations, same number. Over and over, again.

It is by design.

Women being seen as intelligent and allowing them in public life as a necessary good, is one of the biggest hoaxes of human existence. So too, is the ‘vid hoax, simply because the female imperative is the driving force behind the ‘rona hoax.

As a bonus, I have attached a list of most, if not all, COVID-19 Vaccine reports and deaths.

The purpose of compiling these reports is for when you find yourself in conversation or any kind of exchange with a person, or persons, who doubts the fact that the vaccine is indeed dangerous and unsafe, you can share it with them.

As for proof that women are without a doubt, incredibly stupid and the main destructive force in all societies — well, you’re living that fact.

Good luck.